Friday, March 12

But I swear I won't forget you;

So today was the last day of school before the one-week holiday. One week is not enough if you ask me :/ But still, today was funnn. Like, 12 people didn't come. So the class was a tiny bit quiet than usual. OK, maybe not but you'd think that. hahaha. Some people were hor hor hornyy in the library just now *coughcough* and everyone knows I'm not involve in those kinda things *coughcough x 129930* HAHA. But I laughed so hard that I cried hahaha. Funneyhhhh(!)

Watched Ukiss on music bank. Kevin changed his hair :DD the shade of the colo
ur I mean. and and Soohyun cut his hair :D yes, I'm awesome (Y) :P and to futher prove my awesomeness, here's the thing that got me super fangirling to soohyun that one february night on twitter :] (I forgot to post laaa)

*fangirl squels* eeeeeeeek! he better be reading this mannnn!
hahaaha ;)

Dangg, my mom is like a zombie. She keeps popping up and calling me & stuff GRRR-.- though I closed the bedroom door shut in hope of her not calling me anymore (I'm evil muahaha) but I guess that won't work *say no no no no no* ---BEAST ahaha

Anyways, I need to get out of this house. But but, I don't feel like going out without a phone. Freaking hell, why? oh becauseeee it'll be too much of a trouble if I go out and bring the big house phone you see HAHA

msn meh,

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