Saturday, March 27

Baby you and I,

So today was tiring. I'm freakin sad right now because the girl who cut my hair cut it too short :((( and now, the right side of my hair is the same length as the left side(!) the hell. And it's short and.. short lah! NEVER going there again.

*calming down*

OK. Yesterday.
Went to Ibu (and adzim's) farewell party HAHA. The kids from 13 fiesta. OH and plus 2 from usj 12 and an ex-student from 13 :D hahaha. Being awfully anti-social that I am -well a little bit la- I stayed indoors to watch My best friend's girl. That dude is hot. Kate hudson too! lol. It was funnn :] I have to say, the girls who were like, 14 or something, looked like freakin old 20 somethings. Serious shizz man. They were wearing make-up and stuff. No offence, but that's a little :S ?

Went back at like, 11.30PM.

Today was hot. We went to subang parade. Had sushi for lunch where I got free ice-cream because I'm so damn adorable ;D Then then. My hair :( *sobsob* my mom was like, didn't check the place out first. So that's why lahh. I BLAME HER. HAHAHAHA. Still, so sad.

OH. OMG! I totally forgot. UKISS IS COMING TO MALAYSIA! AHHHHHH!! *faints* OMG. I'm like, jumping up and down weiyh! Seriously, this is EPIC AWESOMENESS. OMG. 19th June, school holidays *squels* dangg, want to go naoooo! so badly. But need. money! T^T Will steal some. If have to. hahaha WAAAAA! SOOHYUN AH!
For a fan meeting only. But that's like, a kezillion times better than nothing HEEE.

Sorry, for my spazzness. It's deffo really hard not to be spazzing right now :D
PS; Any kiss-me wanna gooooo with me?


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