Friday, March 19

And now you got me thinking;

It's the 19th of march. And for some reason, it's a very weirdly important date to me. Don't ask. Had KFC for lunch and I was like "ohmigod, I miss you chicken(!)" hahaha. Tasted the chicken chikeroni or something for le first time. Ah. Delish much?

OH, so I had this really interesting dream last night. Maybe it was because I slept at 2AM, which is vair abnormal for me. Anyways, the dream. I remember this one part clearly. Where I was like, hugging this dude-who, btw was wearing an orange shirt- and that I know him. I didn't let go. It was as if, I was stuck to him as he was to me.
And PFFT. My mom came. She was like "awhh, they were so meant to be" looking all oh-so-excitedness. So we went away. Me with I dunno what expression on my face. I felt sad. Maybe I was crying, no idea. So anyway, he was like "I won't come back" D: damnn. The me in my dream started to sob quitely. After that, I don't remember anything.

Bam, I woke up. Potong stim T.T But I hope I'd dream that dream again tonight. I know that dude, and I miss him. But it's wrong. Everything was wrong. Need to find out what the dream means because like duhh, I believe in superstitious stuff ;) HAHA

I'm reading 'beautiful dead' by Eden Maguire right now. Yes, another book about death, zombies and all that. My mom said I'm a little bit morbit. HAHAHA. I didn't know what it meant back then, so I was like "what eff, death is interesting" (and cool if the zombie thing is real) Then she asked me to google the word. lol
OH, back to this book. It tells a story about this girl who's bf got killed and come back again into the 'beautiful dead' which is somewhere in between being alive & being dead. and so onnnn~ I bought it because the cover is cutee and that the word 'dead' is there. hahaha. I'm awesomeee. The sequel is out, so I better push my ass to read faster.

ohhhh, today's plan is to watch iCarly-iLook alike. which btw is airing at the same time as Music bank. GRRR


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