Wednesday, March 31

I saw you

OK, yesterday. The digi number thing. Nehh, it's ok. Remembering that number and that person. Just annoying, that's all. The most annoying thing is that he also calls my maxis number -.-" give up can? thankyou. And to all that's still thinks that I'm using my digi number 24/7 is wrong. I'm just using it on weekends HAHAHA AS IF! No wait, I use it only once in a while. I USE MY MAXIS MORE LIKE DUHH, THANKS :)

I had the weirdest dream and I got to say that it's also the most awesomenest dream everr! Like, like. OMG. It involved this one cute guy and 'iloveyou' Go figure. OH, I also saw my grandma. I misss her! :( But ohmigod, serious shizz I felt it was real! like, like. I can't explain mann(!) I just had this feeling of 'thump-thump-thump' when I met this dude. But I was not actually meeting him, I know him la. So sweeeeet

Is it a sign? please tell me, fortune teller. hahaha

Anyways, school. Had to bring a leaf for an experiment or something. Weird. Anddd I forgot what to write O.O' Ohhwaitt, yea in agama class. We girls all sat in the right side of the room. And left MB ALONE in that side of the room. Hellyeah she was too scared to come sit with us. So instead, she was like looking & looking at us with those big huge eyes. HAHA.

I left my yellow pencil at home. Felt diffo without it hahaha that's BS lah! xD


Tuesday, March 30

Everyday I shock

hahaha addictive much?:]

So I'm just going to write a few stuff because my left hand is dying. Ahnnoying -.-

Anyways, school was so-so. Suprised that my EX-BFF (athilah, MB, betch) ignored me. I smiled at her and she freaking looked away! And all the lies we've been through :'( it's sad. Heard that she rebonded her hair and that more and more people is hating her. HAHAHA. Woots for that! ;D

I went back from school at 4PM. ERGHH. Tired lo(!) Then ofcourselikeduhh I slept (Y) Did you know that sleeping burns more calories than watching tv? yes, I count calories. Shut up. haha

I checked my digi number since I missed it and I just remember about it LOL. Yea, it's been 3000 years since I last used it! 26 missed calls, 11 smses. 3 anonymous numbers, 2/3 friends and only one number that I know so well that I'm trying to forget it. Read it again if it has confused you. Will talk about it in the next post since my mom is like "darlinggg, go to sleep!" hahaha. OK, maybe not exactly like that. It's more to "Iman, it's late! the hell you're doing there??" But still, the same right? hahaha (;


Monday, March 29


So I didn't go to school today *woots* Maybe no one is wondering why because, no one would wanna know about me *sobs* but I'm going to write it here anyways :O It's because because we went to the hospital last night/morning! my mom was like practically shouting of pain, so yeah. 11.30PM at SDMC. The doctor inject her and like at 1AM we went home :D OK, maybe not straight home because we stop at MCD for some snacks as somebody said she/he/it said they were hungry *innocent face* HAHAHA I didn't eat that much for dinner laaaa lol

Slept at 2.30AM and woke up at 11.37AM this morning. World record mann. Never woke up that late(!) Seriously. You know how I am, such a good girl and all ;)

OH, yesterday was awesomee :D My dearest cousin, Juju got engaged! *clapclap* I didn't understand though, all the procedures and stuff. But I do know that, she looks super pretty and the food was (Y)(Y) hahaha. Lots of pics and I'm pretty sure some of it will appear on facebook D: LOL.

OK, so I think that's all. OH, BTW. there's a new poster on my bedroom wall. And and, it's FT ISLAND
!♥ So effing HOT. rawwr ;D I got it free with epop haha


Saturday, March 27

Baby you and I,

So today was tiring. I'm freakin sad right now because the girl who cut my hair cut it too short :((( and now, the right side of my hair is the same length as the left side(!) the hell. And it's short and.. short lah! NEVER going there again.

*calming down*

OK. Yesterday.
Went to Ibu (and adzim's) farewell party HAHA. The kids from 13 fiesta. OH and plus 2 from usj 12 and an ex-student from 13 :D hahaha. Being awfully anti-social that I am -well a little bit la- I stayed indoors to watch My best friend's girl. That dude is hot. Kate hudson too! lol. It was funnn :] I have to say, the girls who were like, 14 or something, looked like freakin old 20 somethings. Serious shizz man. They were wearing make-up and stuff. No offence, but that's a little :S ?

Went back at like, 11.30PM.

Today was hot. We went to subang parade. Had sushi for lunch where I got free ice-cream because I'm so damn adorable ;D Then then. My hair :( *sobsob* my mom was like, didn't check the place out first. So that's why lahh. I BLAME HER. HAHAHAHA. Still, so sad.

OH. OMG! I totally forgot. UKISS IS COMING TO MALAYSIA! AHHHHHH!! *faints* OMG. I'm like, jumping up and down weiyh! Seriously, this is EPIC AWESOMENESS. OMG. 19th June, school holidays *squels* dangg, want to go naoooo! so badly. But need. money! T^T Will steal some. If have to. hahaha WAAAAA! SOOHYUN AH!
For a fan meeting only. But that's like, a kezillion times better than nothing HEEE.

Sorry, for my spazzness. It's deffo really hard not to be spazzing right now :D
PS; Any kiss-me wanna gooooo with me?


Friday, March 26

Dude, I need you

Yes, I'm korean today
ㅋㅋ. Just came back from school and now facebook is down T.T So I have nothing else to do except to watch youtube videos but that's taking centuries too GRRR.

Anyways, school. Effing embarrassing lahhh .___. like like, I had to do the english aural today of all days. So I just went in front and started blabbering. The topic, first day at usj 12. HAHAHA. Erghh, I don't want to recall thanks. But some of my friends were like "Talk about korea" so I asked "hahaha like what? drama??" LMAOOO! if can, I totally would have started talking about jeremy's hotness in you're beautiful xD

Then then, the science teacher who I think is having her PMS, was totally all over the place just now. She was like "OK, I want the presentation today ar, no next week" D: I was like O.O' But we managed to do it. Thanks to Jo yen's tuiton notes *clapclap* :D

OH omg! I forgot about what happened this morning (!!) Like, Dhaniyah, shouted at MB. ohhmigod. I didn't see it though. They were like, in front of the school's gate or something while I was already inside, still not awake. hahaha. Anyways, hellyeah dhaniyah got mad. But the effing MB was making her famous 'i don't care' face -.- She even ignored the fact that my name was being said in the fight. Dangg, we are so not BFFs anymore girl! In class, she told this dude, that she has broken up. Aww PUI! hahaha. So now she has a new bf or some shizz. omg, who'll believe that? I tell you, I'd get a heart attack if she says she's getting married 10 years from now. Serious.

ZE:A just released their 2nd EP and MV :) I lovelove their song; all day (Y) and doojoon & kevin looks exxtrahh hot in the mv *squels* hahaha ;) Sorry, I can't recognize other members LOL

but the lyrics so deep..
I feel like erasing someone from my life too :(

OK, I'm done xD

Wednesday, March 24

We laughed

Hello sweet people :D
It's been a long time since I've been here *cough* I got my own reasons. hahaha

Anyways, school just started this week. And I have to say, going to school is like better than sitting at home(Y) Where you're bored out of your mind, wondering what to do, eating non-stop. OK, maybe the last part was just me HAHAHA.
Freaking hell, english aural is tomorrow, and I freaking don't have any idea of what to do! -.- The teacher said we can talk about anything at all, a topic that we're comfortable with. If I have to choose, I'll be doing a topic on sex or Soohyun or Dynasty warriors etc. PFFT, I don't know! And, and oh! have to do a presentation shizz for science. derhell.

So I'm like, so lazy to do any of them. Maybe I'll do something tonight or like, tomorrow morning or some shizz because they say that your demerit points is carried around wiht you no matter which school you move to. Believe me when I say I have enough demerit points(!) So yea, jiayou! :]

Other than that, school is also rather boring. hahaha, hypocrite much? xD

OH, and and SHINEE is coming to malaysia *squels* but but but, they're only going to be in summit batu pahat, which is like in johor =.= great lah. It's good enough that my friend told me about the Super junior's concert. but Johor? PERGHH. Too troublesome to ask anyone *sigh

So now, UKISS have to come to KL! muahaha :P

outs, xoxo

Friday, March 19

And now you got me thinking;

It's the 19th of march. And for some reason, it's a very weirdly important date to me. Don't ask. Had KFC for lunch and I was like "ohmigod, I miss you chicken(!)" hahaha. Tasted the chicken chikeroni or something for le first time. Ah. Delish much?

OH, so I had this really interesting dream last night. Maybe it was because I slept at 2AM, which is vair abnormal for me. Anyways, the dream. I remember this one part clearly. Where I was like, hugging this dude-who, btw was wearing an orange shirt- and that I know him. I didn't let go. It was as if, I was stuck to him as he was to me.
And PFFT. My mom came. She was like "awhh, they were so meant to be" looking all oh-so-excitedness. So we went away. Me with I dunno what expression on my face. I felt sad. Maybe I was crying, no idea. So anyway, he was like "I won't come back" D: damnn. The me in my dream started to sob quitely. After that, I don't remember anything.

Bam, I woke up. Potong stim T.T But I hope I'd dream that dream again tonight. I know that dude, and I miss him. But it's wrong. Everything was wrong. Need to find out what the dream means because like duhh, I believe in superstitious stuff ;) HAHA

I'm reading 'beautiful dead' by Eden Maguire right now. Yes, another book about death, zombies and all that. My mom said I'm a little bit morbit. HAHAHA. I didn't know what it meant back then, so I was like "what eff, death is interesting" (and cool if the zombie thing is real) Then she asked me to google the word. lol
OH, back to this book. It tells a story about this girl who's bf got killed and come back again into the 'beautiful dead' which is somewhere in between being alive & being dead. and so onnnn~ I bought it because the cover is cutee and that the word 'dead' is there. hahaha. I'm awesomeee. The sequel is out, so I better push my ass to read faster.

ohhhh, today's plan is to watch iCarly-iLook alike. which btw is airing at the same time as Music bank. GRRR


Thursday, March 18

Undeniably wrong

I'm a mess right now. Because of someone who's really.. urgh. OK la, since I don't have anyone to talk to, I'll just write it here. I know I'd cry everytime I talk to you about something that really matters to me since I'm so emotional & stuff. But it's also because it's frustrating. So, so frustrating to talk to you. Maybe it's because you don't listen to me. You make assumptions. But you're bad at that too. Bad assumptions lead to this organized hell I'm living. All of this shit, the play I put up, saying I'm happy when I'm really not. I should get an oscar. The days when I don't talk to you. You asked me "what's wrong" when you, yourself is not sure how to listen to me or why you asked me such an abnormal question to begin with. It's just wrong. To the height that, I give up. I never ever want to have anything to do with you. It's pointless. But I know that someday I'll regret having this feeling. That I'd wish I can turn back time. But hell, I'm done. I'll take the risk. I just am really dissapointed that you're like this. Do you not understand my needs? or better yet, my feelings? And I thought you really get me. You know what I'm feeling since you were once my age. This fragile time of my life. I guess I thought wrong. You're just someone I have to put up with. I don't care about the words that will come out of your mouth anymore. I bet whatever you say is a bunch of lies disguised as words.

Don't worry, I'm ok like always.
ps; I'm talking about my otosan (
お父さん). Find out what that means :)


Tuesday, March 16

You're wrong,

hi hi hi :D

I thought I wasn't going to blog today, but it's just because I'm bored stiff. And the house if like, sheety hot! grrr.

So anyways, I played dynasty warriors just now until I died. Which was like 7 minutes into the game. Awesomeee right?? So I give up and play guitar hero for a while. Hell, I died there too. Thank god my bro wasn't there, I bet he'd laugh hahaha

Then I watch tv instead. and ohmygod just in time for SGB! :DD damn happy (Y) Then then I saw dongho and my hubby! I fainted. HAHA. My hubby is fyi, soohyun. He was effing funny in the 2nd round! like, they had to translate korean sentence to English. So they asked soohyun this really long sentence and he was like "what would you like to drink?" lmaoooooo! Dongho, beside him had the right answer which was "how many are there in your family" zomg! howthehell did he get the 'drink' part there?? Another sentence was given. All he said was "do you like gimchi?" and was like showing his hands to the camera pretending having a gimchi laaa. HAHAHA OMG! soo cuteeee

My mom came home in the middle of the show. She was like "Imannn, I miss youh" I was like "motherrr, my hubby is on tv, I have to watch" hahaha. She laughed actually :( HAHAHA. Omg I'm like laughing alone mann, sure my dad thinks I got some mental problem or something xD

oh, ohmigoshh! I totally forgot! Jay posted a video of him singing a cover 'nothing on you' like, this morning! I was the 119th view on youtube *pats self* and ofcourse I squealed like a freakin fangirl (!!) Click here for the video :)

I miss Jay though :'( So yeah, tears were present just now. hahaha. I hope for him to have a successful future (Y) Anddddd, #jayparkaom was a TT on twitter just now! and #yayGD (because charges against him were drop) Seriously, korea--kpop-- is taking over the world little by little. kekeke~

Epik High - Run

addictive song, Lovessss :)
I miss them. mostly tablo la *winkwink*
but dangg. that guy who runs is so cuteeee!


Monday, March 15

With all of my spite

Good the morning!

omg dudeeeee! I'm so lame T.T it's like 10.28am and I'm here? PFFT.

Anyways, yesterday was white day :DD you know, one month after valentine's day and that we're suppose to give something back to the guy who gave us stuff on valentine's. Do I make ANY sense at all?? I had a date with someone heee~ but but, *insert reason here* HAHA

But I did have funnn playing Guitar Hero with my bro. "Player one rocks!" all the way. It's sad that I was player two though :S hahaha. That game seriously makes me want to play Rock band. *sigh* anyone up for USJ19? That place is freaking full of bishies (Y) ;O

and ohmygodd, guess who I ran into online? that other BS who lies D: Like, seriously. *looking for the post link* THIS one :) hahaha, I have so many people like them in my life that it's kinda sad. What eff, I count it as entertainment in my life.

I'm so bored. and full of oatmeal GRRR. Planning to go to sunway or klcc. Hopefully, soon. I want a Samsung Yepp because because, soohyun have one!! hahaha. They look so hot in yesterday's inkigayo. Kevin ahhh!


Friday, March 12

But I swear I won't forget you;

So today was the last day of school before the one-week holiday. One week is not enough if you ask me :/ But still, today was funnn. Like, 12 people didn't come. So the class was a tiny bit quiet than usual. OK, maybe not but you'd think that. hahaha. Some people were hor hor hornyy in the library just now *coughcough* and everyone knows I'm not involve in those kinda things *coughcough x 129930* HAHA. But I laughed so hard that I cried hahaha. Funneyhhhh(!)

Watched Ukiss on music bank. Kevin changed his hair :DD the shade of the colo
ur I mean. and and Soohyun cut his hair :D yes, I'm awesome (Y) :P and to futher prove my awesomeness, here's the thing that got me super fangirling to soohyun that one february night on twitter :] (I forgot to post laaa)

*fangirl squels* eeeeeeeek! he better be reading this mannnn!
hahaaha ;)

Dangg, my mom is like a zombie. She keeps popping up and calling me & stuff GRRR-.- though I closed the bedroom door shut in hope of her not calling me anymore (I'm evil muahaha) but I guess that won't work *say no no no no no* ---BEAST ahaha

Anyways, I need to get out of this house. But but, I don't feel like going out without a phone. Freaking hell, why? oh becauseeee it'll be too much of a trouble if I go out and bring the big house phone you see HAHA

msn meh,

Thursday, March 11

No one no one no one

So I'm watching Fcuz's No one and was like "omgKANNNNNN!!" when I saw him with ze new blonde hair *0* and and LeeU tooo! he looks like, a man now wow! hahaha.

OH, anyways school was tiring. but funnnnn :) I mean, SPM results out today. I wonder how my cousin did hemmm... So during recess time, me & some friends went lengcai hunting *winkwink* hahaha. Goshh, and the school is filled with them(!!) During our-supposed-to-be-maths class, pratically everyone were outside. Including me like duhhh..! And omg. This dudeee with this orange/brownish hair looks like honggi OMG *fangirl squels* !! Got many
la, ullzangs *sigh I SMK USJ 12. hahaha

Me & Hazwani went to the toilet for a while. She was like "this is like my
first time going out of the class without a pass" I was like, "What der omg really?" hahaha. What a weird school. I go out like, everytime I have the chance back in usj 13. OK, I did have my demerits points and teachers yelling in my face but that's the fun part about school :] So people, chillll laaa(Y)OH, and there was this crazy teacher calling us to go back to class. PFFT. I was like "teacher babeee, we're lengcai hunting laaa" HAHA

Tomorrow is the last day before the one-week off! YAYYYYYY :D But Imma miss school though. Like, all the chit chatting, laugh happy-ing, and of course MB's BS(the girl who lies la). But t
hat was today actually, she's going somewhere.. read;

Alaa.. tomorrow is the last day and then friday byebye (I know right wtf am I crapping)
*grinnnnnnns* are you moving??
*glares* ohh no, got camp and bla bla bla

*Turns off hearing thingy mejig*

So yeah, I thought she was freaking going to moveeee.. ah. GRRR. Nevermind, I bet karma will hit her sooner or laterr ;o

Anyways, it's SOOHYUN's 22nd birthday todayyyyyy *squels*

will be at the forum spazzing with other fangirls,

Sunday, March 7

There's never a final round

Tonnes of fav lines, but this is all I can write while laughing LOL
"You'll be hor hor horny"
"We're damn damn sexy"
"We're addicting like pringles"

When soohyun said what his fav move is called,
I was like "HOOMYGOD, HOT."


"we're getting a lawyer"

omg lmaoooooo xD

bangedherbangedherbangedher! :O
"Oh my are you my nuna? Then we're both pros"

"OH welcome to our batcave-let's make love hideout-"
And OHHHMYGOD! that time when soohyun winked & wanted to be my teacher, I fainted.
"Now she want me to tickle tickle"

"Juliet now on the floor"

Goddd, that's so nasty!! I love it! hahaha
jazzyxsarang@youtube :)



School was normal. hahaha. *coughcough* we took our class picture YAYYY *clapclap*. that was so hot(!!) I mean, they don't use green screen & stuff so we were like, outside T.T Thank god it was under the shade. If not, I'll be the first to complain muahaha!

And I'm pretty sure our class teacher is deaf. Like, it was already recess time but she went on blabbering and blabbering & stuff. The bell rang but still, GRRR. So like, after omg 10 minutes, the teachers at the back were like "recess, dah lambat pun" D: And I was really hungry too. OK, I know like I'm hungry 24/7 but still, this is not fairrrr.

So that's all for school I guess. hemmm..

xoxo :)

Saturday, March 6

Never back it up, backing it up

hahaha, I loveee kara! xP
OH, yea. I changed mi blog's background and the picture in 'the addiction' part :) Soohyun is still there *winkwink* and Jay of DNA and and Hongki(!) *droooools* I was like OMG when I found out that I've wasted like 2 hours finding new websites for blogger templates -.- cwap. So after watching U-KISS' vampire for a bit, I decided to not use any of those flashy nice-looking blog templates. Instead, I use :) They're pure genius. I'm proud *pats self* (Y)

Anyway, signed up at kingdomprince It's DNA's international forummmmm *WOOT! Haven't been active in any forums lately, so that's a start :DD erghh. I lead a vair boring life, so now I'm all blank of what to write liaou .___. Wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow L O L

Since my phone died, I haven't been in contact with any of my 13 friends :/ That hella sucks. Now I'm thinking about getting the white corby instead of the yellow one I've been planning to get since it release. How about that? :))

I just need to hold on a few more centuries or so, and it'll be all good. I hope :S *fingers crossed*


Friday, March 5

Everyone lives


So I'm back from the dead *evil witch laugh* ;) More like this blog is back. Goshh, I miss writing in this shizz. Come to think of it, I don't actually HAHA. OK, the exam week. OK-OK lorrh. Add maths was super hard :S Obviously because I don't speak numbers & stuff. But what eff, just wish me luck (Y)

We had our usual lessons after recess. That was tiring D: but it was a fun day considering the sun was like, coming & going as it please :) hahaha yeahh, I only care about how dark I'm NOT going to be :P OH, I just realized that when I'm at school, under the sun & all my skin look like vair tanned & kinda not yellow-ish anymore. But when I'm at home with protection as in the roof & walls being there & stuff, I looks very pale & brighter. Like really O.O' Ahh yeah, I'm a vampire! That explains everything hahaha. Sooo gotta go check my DNA xD

DNA- Tokyo Boy
Jay & Karam are soo mine, roar ♥

Didn't watch their debut on music bank live just now. Was asleep hahaha
DID watch however, John park getting cut :( I was like "HELL NOOOO" When the news broke out on allkpop this afternoon. CWAP, So now there's no deep-voiced asian on the show. Totally gonna miss him *sigh*

Well, the holidays are near. On ELI's bday actually (!!) OMG YAYYY :DD
Planning what to do where to go. hemmmm.. Let's rock sunway? :) *bangbangbangbang*