Tuesday, February 9

You saved me

OHMYGOD. I think namju's dad/stepdad or whatever he is, is dead! :O can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Sooo into reversal of fate :) my mom's so gonna regret she went to work. hahahaha.

I'm alone at home right now D: TOTALLY bored. Someone IM meeeee :(
School was pretty OK. Finally met the class teacher. And ohmycatshit! she is worse that I thought! I mean, hello anger management problem (!!) Like, really. When she talks, she's actually screaming out the words. Are you trying to make us deaf or what laaaaa? And then, she'd go all "I'm better than you, than all of you!" shit. PERGHH. Slam here, slam there somemore -.- I swear she'll loose her voice one day. Just wait for it *winkwink*

I'm totally wayyyyyy behind my homework. Like just now, I had to rush my bm & history homework in class hahaha. But I am doing my work. That's a good thing ain't it? HEEE. Had maggi with Nana during recess just now :) so, so hot! Our lips were practically burning rawwr! hahaha

Went home with aunty just now since uncle never showed up. HAHA, whythehell am I writing this here lahhh?? xD

sleep xoxo

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