Sunday, February 28

You make me tingle tingle

OK. Dudeee, just listen. I know I'm suppose to be studying right now. But like, it's freaking hot & I just got back from a wedding. YES, a wedding. The family's friend's maid's grand-daughter's wedding :) OMG I rock! HAHA It was in that place, near rawang there. My dad was like "haha your face red d! yan's too!" and this uncle was like, "Cameron mali kah?" hahaha. As in, cameron people all never hit the sun all.. so that's why la. hahaha sorry for my chinese slang *coughcough*

Got back at like 2PM. That reminds me that I have no ideaaaa what to think right now. So I don't think about 2PM that mucho anymore. Just finish watching U-KISS on Inkigayo :DD lagged though :/ Then I stopped when I saw yonghwa saying "CNBLUE..." because I think I've been hearing them a lot lately. Never thought it would be a bad thing haha

School tomorrow. EXAM. Effing thing, I hope I pass all subjects! *amin* LOL. OH, just finish downloaded BEAST's shock of the new era album from kaboomza :) They're awesome! But there's not a song for me to be all screaming about though D: I know right!?! Except for the intro. Just because It sounded like RAIN was singing in it rofl Cannot wait for MBLAQ's comebackkkkk! and Rain's tooooo!!


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