Monday, February 22

We believe

We believe
In this love

-Good Charlotte "We believe"


So I found out that going to school after the CNY off-week is quite tiring. But I guess it's better than sitting at home, feeling hot because of the weather. I mean, I sit like below the fan in class so go figure haha.

Did NOT sleep great last night. God, my panda eyes are more like panda eyes level 2 D: Great ain't it? PERGHH. I'm pretty sure it was because of the fireworks or something. *HAPPY HOKKIEN CHINESE NEW YEAR! to those who are celebrating* I know I'm not hahaha.

OH, Maybe it was because of kokomon from digimon :O He was totally evil GRRR. YES, I watched digimon movie specials yesterday :DD ohmygodd, I forgot like, 90% of the story(!) I only remember the cute blonde guy in the second movie, all grown-up :') and the song! Seriously can't forget about the song! It's obviously very addictive since it's the theme song of one of the most addictive anime :) HEEE. Lovessss

And watched the house bunny on HBO last night. Since I didn't go online. it was hella funnn! haha. But I didn't know Katherine McPhee is in it *___* but I did know that the girl from Nick & Norah's infinite playlist was. Kat Dennings. She still looks pretty emo-ish lol

WAIT. hold up! WEIYH! OMG. OMGAHHH. Chun Jung Myung is back people(!!) *faints* I
him. So cute but so hot! *0* and RAIN is going to be back too! *doublefaints* CANNOT wait *fangirl squels* hahaha

OK chun,

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