Tuesday, February 16

The way it was;


I've found this video which I decided to call it an awesome to-the-much-much video(!!)

SEE? 5 cute guys with voice to drool over. That's a freakin miracle if you ask me :P

So I'm back in subang. My amazing phone died. Like really died and I was in the middle of writing a message too T.T I cried hell loads though. A part of me died along I guess. R.I.P *emoness* I broke the number 1 rule of CNY that is, not to cry on the first day. *sighh* I don't feel like talking to anyone about it. So I write it here instead :D *stillemo*

We -me,bro & cousin- slept at 2AM that night. hahaha. We were like, taking turns to get online. It was funn(!) laugh,laugh,laugh & all. HEEE. Miss my other cousins though :(((

Went back on monday morning/afternoon. After packing up some delish pausss of course! xD nothing much to do now. Only the tonne of homework we got for the hols GRRR D<

fucken hot
LALALALALA SS501 rocks :)

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