Saturday, February 20

Wanna leave with you tonight

Not literally of course. Unless you're brad pitt or like, TOP or soohyun or something hahaha. It's just that I got myself addicted to Timbaland's If we ever meet again (feat Katy Perry). The song is totally awesomeeeee! but I still don't get the MV though xD It's like, very confusing to a delicate brain like mine HAH

HEE. I watched music bank yesterday. and ohmygosh, Kevin winked!! omgomgomg! I was like hitting my bro who was 'trying to sleep' and said "KEVIN FREAKING WINKED!" and he was like "... crazy" hahaha. Don't mind me, he's uber hot! And the cameraman is like, an angel I swear! he zoomed in to Kevin's face like, 17 times *0* hahaha. Still can't find the video though T^T grrr.

Saw U-Kiss too.HOT. Soohyun totally changed his hair to the man man ha ni days. I thought he was doing that for like, the CNY celebration last week but I guess he's backkkk :) no complains here, he's still sexayyyy *winkwink* And MIR wasn't there. I mean, he's featured in *insert singer name here*'s song as a rapper. But he didn't appear *shucks. Joong ki at that hyo rim were so cuteee! I didn't understand a thing they were saying but I know they were talking about valentine's day & the chocos & stuff. awww :)

Went to Subang parade after that for dinner at sushi king :) But they played kpop songs. That's finee with me but wondergirls in a sushi place? ehmm.. conspiracy much? HAHA. Shopped at Cold storage. And had an asthma attack on the way back. Lovely. I lost a lot of blood too this week. What the eff is wrong with me?!! Like, been having nose bleed a lot lately :/ 3 times this week already. And my bro says I'm a vampire everytime I check my temperature now. Because my temperature will either be 36.3 or 36.5 where it's suppose to be 37 or something. HAHA awesomeee! call me vampire if you must. But not ice princess pleaseandthankyou. LOL

OHMYGOODGOD! He's such a cutieee

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