Saturday, February 27

This is it

well hellooooooo :)

I guess every hottests & non-hottests now know about the total withdrawal of our fav leader. They said that he said that he did something worse than the ms thing during the again & again promotions. People talk about it like asking whether it's drug abuse of impregnating a girl. For me, I think it's a conspiracy. Just like the world. I felt sick that night it was announced on JYP's official website. I don't think much of it really. Just sad & stuff. Hottests went to the JYP building and put chrysanthemum/ white flowers as a sign of the fans dying without 7-member 2PM. Might as well if you ask me. And like, many people dropped out
of the official fanclub because of it ;( I still stick with Jay and hopes he has a great reason for all this happenings.


Yesterday was a holiday *SELAMAT HARI MAULIDUR RASUL PEOPLE!* I study. A bit. hahaha. I watched Music bank specifically because it was ZE:A last performance of mazeltov in music bank :(( So totally gonna miss Kevin(!!) But I didn't get the chance to watch them T.T Because my dadd wanted to watch Alison Iraheta singing on AI which made me GRRR. I mean, dudeee! So I rushed upstairs pratically begging my bro to let me watch it on kpopflash but it was already ending and I was like "WTFlahhh" ISH. Thank god I watched U-KISS be
fore anything else. SOOHYUN! :D Weiyhh. Dongho's hair was omghotness much? WOOT! hahaha. And I found a graduation pic of him;

Don't ask me about the JD OK. He's now in high school on full scholarship. I wonder how his school-life is. I mean, if there is a guy like him in my school, I'm sure I'll be in jail by now on the count of stalking & disturbing a cutie's life. hahaha xD

Black-out for a while last night. The electricity I mean. It was super scary I swearr! Like, with thunder & all *0* Studied for a while later and sleeeeeep :D

So I woke up pretty early today since dad has to go to school D: Did some malay essay for my mom. Had to use the for some words-looky. hahaha. I suck at BM laa :) Wondering how to survive next week's exam :/ Crazy shizz. I really thought the exam was going to be on the 8th or something. But nooooo :O

HEH, so I won't be online for the whole of first week of march. So if you see me online on facebook or msn forums & stuff tell that person to eff off & studyyy(Y) Your help is much appreciated

ps; John park survivedddddd! HEEE :D

BEAST's shock teaser. OMGHOT(!!)

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