Thursday, February 18

The proof that we've met

I heard some piano notes being played in the next room. So I rushed to see what's up since it sounded so familiar. And OMG! it so does! because it was Yamapi with his solo song 'loveless' *sigh* I remember him. The cutest most awesomeness guy in JE. (one of them laaa) My bro, who was changing the channel asked me "WTF. How did you freaking know??" I said "dudeeee. He IS Yamapi" hahaha.

Talking about him, I've started watching god of study :D on KBS. The screening of the show in Korea is going to end next week so I'm like, wayyyy back. The reason for me to connect Yamapi with this d
rama is because he was in dragon zakura, the japanese version back in 2006 or something. Back then I wasn't so into Kstuff yet. So I did watch and it was awesomeeee :)

Yamapi was effing cute! and the whole bad-boy thing works with his face. Damn nice
la dragon zakura. But god of study is goooood too! I mean, seung ho & hyun wu are in it so.. Wow much? I lovelove hyun wu!! and this is the little hyun wu not the old miss diary hyun wu HAHA :)

Totally spazzed about it with mi cousin the other day. hahaha. And the other fangirls on msn *fangirl squels* hahaha xD fun weiyh, F U N ;)

Feeling a bit lonely this week though :/ Been reading my old diary and it's still pointless. I still don't have a clue of what to do. That guy, he's not stopping. Though I already starting to forget him, all of him. GAHH D< Sorry this crap is here, I just need to write it down. And now I did! *pats self* LOL

MOVING ONNNN. Tomorrow is firday! that means music bank is going to be on! *WOOTS*
U-KISS FTW!! :DD OMGahh I totally love them!!*kyaaaaaa* And the FTW that I meant it's not your version Yan, it's the original one HAHAHA

OH. Watched American Idol yesterday :) Loads of close-ups of John Park ;) HE'S HOT DAYUM! Like, the hottest asian ever on AI. hahahaha. Obviously I'm rooting for him (Y) Beacuse anyways, I don't really remember the other contestants HAHA xD


Then watched GLEE after that. LOL. I'm totally loving the show! Cory Monteith is such a cutie! *droooools*

facebooking shhhhh

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