Thursday, February 18


So John park, the hot asian on AI is in the top 24(!!) I was like "hell yeah!!" when I heard the 'you're through' from randy. I bet the neighbors think I'm crazy now *clapclap* HEEE. omg I can't waitttttttttt!! *superhypermood*

EDIT : And Kangta got discharged from his military service. Double hell yeahhh!! Been waiting for like 2 years D: hahaha like duh!

SO. Seung ho is hot. Both of them but I'm talking about Yoo seung ho right now. The little so ji sub as wiki put it. kekeke. He does look like ji sub because of his mysterious eyes. rawwr ;)


I love allkpop :)
OH. I watched Madagascar 2 like, twice yesterday. HAHA. And Home alone twice in two days. omg I'm awesomeeee (Y) *pats self* L O L

aite, will update more laterhh.

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