Tuesday, February 2


It's 11.50AM and I'm here :) Simple reason for that, I woke up late. Like, uber late. At 6.58am. I didn't believe it at first so I called TM to ask for the time. It really was 6.58am. I freaked, can't remember clearly though but I'm pretty sure I showered. Got out of the house 7.17am with papa, already in the car. Damn cars, not moving. So I didn't go to school. hahaha. Continued reading shiver with much enthusiasm because Isabel knew 0.0' I know right!?!? SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR LINGER. GAHHHHHH

Yesterday went by like a breeze. Can't really recall about school cause I was soaked in my novel. hahaha, I'm a freak for stories with love & suspense as the main ingredients :] OH, but I do know that I laughed so hard at a story told by a friend. It isn't a story, actually. It's a so called 'her-bf'. She tells us shits about getting bf from like, a far away state & meeting him here. Who btw, kissed her like, sunday or something when she told us she'll meet him this week and not last week which like, bleh.. Totally made us more suspicious after the word 'bf' being said from her mouth of more lies to come. FUHH. I'm tired :O

Get my point? I mean, OK. everyone has the right to tell who they want to about their life but this is diffo. I mean, nobody really likes her, really. And to be frank, like DUH I don't trust her that much. Thank god I'm not in the same class. Like, if I am, I'd laugh so hard that I'll be kick out of the school regardless of my only-one-week entrance here. HAHA.

It was super funny when my friend told me the gossip. Like, we were walking & laughing at the same time(!) So it was an interesting picture to look at from afar. But I'm kinda sad that I didn't go to school today to continue with the gossip. I mean, we can like, play with her more & more until she knows that we knows that she's faking it,
ridiculously. She'll be made into a fool then. hahahaha xD

I am so meannnnnn!Dx

SNSD - OH (alikstae remix)
awesome much? :D


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