Thursday, February 4

I wanna rock

Downloading U-KISS' album, Only one :) yup, the whole 104 mb of it. Remind me to delete some stuff from my phone will you? heee.

Yesterday, bored -.-
Today, hot. Ermm.. that's about it! hahahaha.

Sports Day is this saturday. At the freaking school T.T Unlike my school, USJ13 where students can easily slip off to McD near MPSJ. PERGH. Like we did last year, only we went to KFC *evil laugh* OH, my class is going to open up a stall :] Have no idea what they're going to sell though. I'm not participating like duhh..! It'll be super hot so do the maths.

Lots of people are talking about glee nowadays. I watched, of course. So funny & gay-ish! Lovessss

That reminds me, I finish reading shiver yesterdayyyyy *WOOTS* It was awesome, almost beyond words. I cried when Sam changed back ;( Jack died, Olive went, sam changed back in the end. A happy ending :DD LINGER, come soon!8)

GRRR. Reversal of fate is on, gotta go go go ;O


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