Sunday, February 7

Edible smiles

So I decided to write a new post because I caught this picture (refer above pic) See how soohyun smile while saying "Iman, I definitely need you" [???] OMG! *droooooools* I have no idea why but I am like, so attracted to him(!) Like, I know that he's not that good-looking to other girls & such but I don't know.. he's uber sexayy to me ;) and that smile, RAWWR.

hahahaha :) this is legal OK? I've checked HEEEE. Can't wait for today's inkigayo *fangirl squels* soohyunsoohyundonghoheartsssss
supposed to do some grocery shopping & lunch at subang parade just now but my bro was like "WAIT. 1PM. CANNOT!" He said it's very important for him to watch the bleach's rerun today. Yeah, rightttttt -.- so we'll be going out later I guess c:

I've been online too much these few days, so I'm short on what to do D< All I've been doing is not
being on msn *coughcough* omegle, facebook, youtube and the tonnes of forums. Though only one word can describe all of this stuff ; B O R E D.


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