Saturday, February 6

A day of hotness sun

Just got back from le sports day at USJ 12. A vair, vair hot day to be out T.T I was like burning, even though I was under the shade. GRRR.

Went to school at around 7am with bro. Met people on the way to the assembly. The teachers were actually suppose to take our attendance but no one came to our class :(( haha, sad case .___. talk talk talk and go to the padang aka field of kindergarten-ness :D Round round with some girls cause I have no idea which house I belong to because the teacher never freaking told me(!) So I decided to stay in the green house because of the big signboard that was like, covering us from the going-to-appear sun *winkwink*

Had a couple of oreos for breakfast and spazzed about kpop with some girls :DD OMG they're awesome! almost awesome-er than USJ13 fangirls HEEE. I said almost though xD When the teachers were like "omg, go to your own sports house, we are so gonna give the medals" OK, maybe not like that hahahaha. Anyways, I did but I went to the purple team this time cause err.. they're hot. hahahaha. And I seriously thought they were going to win because they snatched like a thousand medals or so. But the girl beside me said that "our house is not the first anymore laaa" :((( PERGH. So I was like "let's go to the red house then" HAHA

I didn't stay to listen to the winners though. Went back earlier since the sun was beginning to pity me and went away for a while. *CWAP, kpopflash is super lagging* So I waited for my bro at the gate and met some friends :] saw uncle as in, my transport, so we ride with him instead of walking haha. A cute little boy came on after. He was dark just like uncle said. It's kind weird to find a chinese boy that dark 0.0' hahahha I asked him who won and stuff and was super excited cause my house, the red house won(!) so yeahh.. :P

Lunch was chicken rice then shower and stuff & *snap* here I am :DD LOL. I'm totally bored, fyi -.-
I'm all tanned and bored PFFT. Good combination ain't it? HAH ;D



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