Friday, February 5

The Dancing Floor

GRRR. The drilling next door is so loud, can't even listen to U-KISS -.- Thank god one of them is cute, or else I'd go there & shout at everyone. HAHA as if!

2PM just released a single for spris :) it's vair techno-ish. Totally diffo, but

While U-KISS just released their bingeul bingeul MV- clean version. That just simply means, they're going to release another version where the boys gonna be naked & stuff *O* hahaha. Well, I have no idea but a girl can dream can she? LOL

OMGOMG. DONGHO!!*squelssssss* and, and soohyun with black hair WAAAAAA. I'm dying. Blew up the bass for this awesome track cause well, it's super-sexy!OMG. I see Kevin & Eli! OK. wait no, soohyun is hotter :P hahaha heartsssss :)

School, another hot day today T.T Nothing actually happened but I did ran into a guy from USJ13. YAYYYY :D I thought he didn't get to move hahaha. That's good news *wink*

The girl who lies is still on it, saying she's not coming tomorrow since she'll be out with the boyf. I laughed at that statement. Yes, in front of her actually. HAHAHAHA. Seriously, we'll keep on playing until it's time for her to 'marry' the dude. I swear we'll be dead by then xD


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