Thursday, February 25

Bring a Jack and a jukebox

Heyyyyyyy :)

So I woke up pretty early today since Justin Bieber's One Time was playing on the radio haha :P Then they played We the kings 'heaven can wait', lady antebellum. FUH Awesome much? Sometimes I think off-air radio is better HAHA

School was really tiring these few days. Like, exam is next week. I guess everyone is freaking out about it, including the teachers. They gave us shit loads of stuff to do GRRR. But whatever it is, le class is super fun(!) totally reminds me of 2G/3F rofl, good times :)

I passed up my BM scrap book thingy. I know right, FINALLY. Dayum I rock times 302988(Y) But stupid thing, cost me hours of sleep throughout the week-.- Now my panda eyes are like, level 3 but not quite there yet.

OH. omg weiyhh! I forgot to sign in to facebook D: and and I can't be online at nights until after exams :/ *sigh

I went to KOKO yesterday. Don't laugh laaa. It was my first time OK. I decided to join PBSM like, 10 minutes before going to school LOL. Heh, it was fineee. I was put in section 9. Thank god a girl I know is in the same group! If not, I think I'll die of boredom .___. We didn't do that much of stuff. Just notes copying & stuff. Thank god times 2 that we didn't march and stayed in the hot sun much longer :0

But I do miss taekwondo though.. The USJ 13 team I mean, USJ 12 no lengcai teacher HAHA. I wonder if I can like, go to usj 13 one saturday and just watch them train hahaha! xD I crack myself up lmao *pats self*


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