Sunday, February 28

You make me tingle tingle

OK. Dudeee, just listen. I know I'm suppose to be studying right now. But like, it's freaking hot & I just got back from a wedding. YES, a wedding. The family's friend's maid's grand-daughter's wedding :) OMG I rock! HAHA It was in that place, near rawang there. My dad was like "haha your face red d! yan's too!" and this uncle was like, "Cameron mali kah?" hahaha. As in, cameron people all never hit the sun all.. so that's why la. hahaha sorry for my chinese slang *coughcough*

Got back at like 2PM. That reminds me that I have no ideaaaa what to think right now. So I don't think about 2PM that mucho anymore. Just finish watching U-KISS on Inkigayo :DD lagged though :/ Then I stopped when I saw yonghwa saying "CNBLUE..." because I think I've been hearing them a lot lately. Never thought it would be a bad thing haha

School tomorrow. EXAM. Effing thing, I hope I pass all subjects! *amin* LOL. OH, just finish downloaded BEAST's shock of the new era album from kaboomza :) They're awesome! But there's not a song for me to be all screaming about though D: I know right!?! Except for the intro. Just because It sounded like RAIN was singing in it rofl Cannot wait for MBLAQ's comebackkkkk! and Rain's tooooo!!


Saturday, February 27

This is it

well hellooooooo :)

I guess every hottests & non-hottests now know about the total withdrawal of our fav leader. They said that he said that he did something worse than the ms thing during the again & again promotions. People talk about it like asking whether it's drug abuse of impregnating a girl. For me, I think it's a conspiracy. Just like the world. I felt sick that night it was announced on JYP's official website. I don't think much of it really. Just sad & stuff. Hottests went to the JYP building and put chrysanthemum/ white flowers as a sign of the fans dying without 7-member 2PM. Might as well if you ask me. And like, many people dropped out
of the official fanclub because of it ;( I still stick with Jay and hopes he has a great reason for all this happenings.


Yesterday was a holiday *SELAMAT HARI MAULIDUR RASUL PEOPLE!* I study. A bit. hahaha. I watched Music bank specifically because it was ZE:A last performance of mazeltov in music bank :(( So totally gonna miss Kevin(!!) But I didn't get the chance to watch them T.T Because my dadd wanted to watch Alison Iraheta singing on AI which made me GRRR. I mean, dudeee! So I rushed upstairs pratically begging my bro to let me watch it on kpopflash but it was already ending and I was like "WTFlahhh" ISH. Thank god I watched U-KISS be
fore anything else. SOOHYUN! :D Weiyhh. Dongho's hair was omghotness much? WOOT! hahaha. And I found a graduation pic of him;

Don't ask me about the JD OK. He's now in high school on full scholarship. I wonder how his school-life is. I mean, if there is a guy like him in my school, I'm sure I'll be in jail by now on the count of stalking & disturbing a cutie's life. hahaha xD

Black-out for a while last night. The electricity I mean. It was super scary I swearr! Like, with thunder & all *0* Studied for a while later and sleeeeeep :D

So I woke up pretty early today since dad has to go to school D: Did some malay essay for my mom. Had to use the for some words-looky. hahaha. I suck at BM laa :) Wondering how to survive next week's exam :/ Crazy shizz. I really thought the exam was going to be on the 8th or something. But nooooo :O

HEH, so I won't be online for the whole of first week of march. So if you see me online on facebook or msn forums & stuff tell that person to eff off & studyyy(Y) Your help is much appreciated

ps; John park survivedddddd! HEEE :D

BEAST's shock teaser. OMGHOT(!!)

Thursday, February 25

Bring a Jack and a jukebox

Heyyyyyyy :)

So I woke up pretty early today since Justin Bieber's One Time was playing on the radio haha :P Then they played We the kings 'heaven can wait', lady antebellum. FUH Awesome much? Sometimes I think off-air radio is better HAHA

School was really tiring these few days. Like, exam is next week. I guess everyone is freaking out about it, including the teachers. They gave us shit loads of stuff to do GRRR. But whatever it is, le class is super fun(!) totally reminds me of 2G/3F rofl, good times :)

I passed up my BM scrap book thingy. I know right, FINALLY. Dayum I rock times 302988(Y) But stupid thing, cost me hours of sleep throughout the week-.- Now my panda eyes are like, level 3 but not quite there yet.

OH. omg weiyhh! I forgot to sign in to facebook D: and and I can't be online at nights until after exams :/ *sigh

I went to KOKO yesterday. Don't laugh laaa. It was my first time OK. I decided to join PBSM like, 10 minutes before going to school LOL. Heh, it was fineee. I was put in section 9. Thank god a girl I know is in the same group! If not, I think I'll die of boredom .___. We didn't do that much of stuff. Just notes copying & stuff. Thank god times 2 that we didn't march and stayed in the hot sun much longer :0

But I do miss taekwondo though.. The USJ 13 team I mean, USJ 12 no lengcai teacher HAHA. I wonder if I can like, go to usj 13 one saturday and just watch them train hahaha! xD I crack myself up lmao *pats self*


Monday, February 22

We believe

We believe
In this love

-Good Charlotte "We believe"


So I found out that going to school after the CNY off-week is quite tiring. But I guess it's better than sitting at home, feeling hot because of the weather. I mean, I sit like below the fan in class so go figure haha.

Did NOT sleep great last night. God, my panda eyes are more like panda eyes level 2 D: Great ain't it? PERGHH. I'm pretty sure it was because of the fireworks or something. *HAPPY HOKKIEN CHINESE NEW YEAR! to those who are celebrating* I know I'm not hahaha.

OH, Maybe it was because of kokomon from digimon :O He was totally evil GRRR. YES, I watched digimon movie specials yesterday :DD ohmygodd, I forgot like, 90% of the story(!) I only remember the cute blonde guy in the second movie, all grown-up :') and the song! Seriously can't forget about the song! It's obviously very addictive since it's the theme song of one of the most addictive anime :) HEEE. Lovessss

And watched the house bunny on HBO last night. Since I didn't go online. it was hella funnn! haha. But I didn't know Katherine McPhee is in it *___* but I did know that the girl from Nick & Norah's infinite playlist was. Kat Dennings. She still looks pretty emo-ish lol

WAIT. hold up! WEIYH! OMG. OMGAHHH. Chun Jung Myung is back people(!!) *faints* I
him. So cute but so hot! *0* and RAIN is going to be back too! *doublefaints* CANNOT wait *fangirl squels* hahaha

OK chun,

Saturday, February 20

Wanna leave with you tonight

Not literally of course. Unless you're brad pitt or like, TOP or soohyun or something hahaha. It's just that I got myself addicted to Timbaland's If we ever meet again (feat Katy Perry). The song is totally awesomeeeee! but I still don't get the MV though xD It's like, very confusing to a delicate brain like mine HAH

HEE. I watched music bank yesterday. and ohmygosh, Kevin winked!! omgomgomg! I was like hitting my bro who was 'trying to sleep' and said "KEVIN FREAKING WINKED!" and he was like "... crazy" hahaha. Don't mind me, he's uber hot! And the cameraman is like, an angel I swear! he zoomed in to Kevin's face like, 17 times *0* hahaha. Still can't find the video though T^T grrr.

Saw U-Kiss too.HOT. Soohyun totally changed his hair to the man man ha ni days. I thought he was doing that for like, the CNY celebration last week but I guess he's backkkk :) no complains here, he's still sexayyyy *winkwink* And MIR wasn't there. I mean, he's featured in *insert singer name here*'s song as a rapper. But he didn't appear *shucks. Joong ki at that hyo rim were so cuteee! I didn't understand a thing they were saying but I know they were talking about valentine's day & the chocos & stuff. awww :)

Went to Subang parade after that for dinner at sushi king :) But they played kpop songs. That's finee with me but wondergirls in a sushi place? ehmm.. conspiracy much? HAHA. Shopped at Cold storage. And had an asthma attack on the way back. Lovely. I lost a lot of blood too this week. What the eff is wrong with me?!! Like, been having nose bleed a lot lately :/ 3 times this week already. And my bro says I'm a vampire everytime I check my temperature now. Because my temperature will either be 36.3 or 36.5 where it's suppose to be 37 or something. HAHA awesomeee! call me vampire if you must. But not ice princess pleaseandthankyou. LOL

OHMYGOODGOD! He's such a cutieee

Thursday, February 18


So John park, the hot asian on AI is in the top 24(!!) I was like "hell yeah!!" when I heard the 'you're through' from randy. I bet the neighbors think I'm crazy now *clapclap* HEEE. omg I can't waitttttttttt!! *superhypermood*

EDIT : And Kangta got discharged from his military service. Double hell yeahhh!! Been waiting for like 2 years D: hahaha like duh!

SO. Seung ho is hot. Both of them but I'm talking about Yoo seung ho right now. The little so ji sub as wiki put it. kekeke. He does look like ji sub because of his mysterious eyes. rawwr ;)


I love allkpop :)
OH. I watched Madagascar 2 like, twice yesterday. HAHA. And Home alone twice in two days. omg I'm awesomeeee (Y) *pats self* L O L

aite, will update more laterhh.

The proof that we've met

I heard some piano notes being played in the next room. So I rushed to see what's up since it sounded so familiar. And OMG! it so does! because it was Yamapi with his solo song 'loveless' *sigh* I remember him. The cutest most awesomeness guy in JE. (one of them laaa) My bro, who was changing the channel asked me "WTF. How did you freaking know??" I said "dudeeee. He IS Yamapi" hahaha.

Talking about him, I've started watching god of study :D on KBS. The screening of the show in Korea is going to end next week so I'm like, wayyyy back. The reason for me to connect Yamapi with this d
rama is because he was in dragon zakura, the japanese version back in 2006 or something. Back then I wasn't so into Kstuff yet. So I did watch and it was awesomeeee :)

Yamapi was effing cute! and the whole bad-boy thing works with his face. Damn nice
la dragon zakura. But god of study is goooood too! I mean, seung ho & hyun wu are in it so.. Wow much? I lovelove hyun wu!! and this is the little hyun wu not the old miss diary hyun wu HAHA :)

Totally spazzed about it with mi cousin the other day. hahaha. And the other fangirls on msn *fangirl squels* hahaha xD fun weiyh, F U N ;)

Feeling a bit lonely this week though :/ Been reading my old diary and it's still pointless. I still don't have a clue of what to do. That guy, he's not stopping. Though I already starting to forget him, all of him. GAHH D< Sorry this crap is here, I just need to write it down. And now I did! *pats self* LOL

MOVING ONNNN. Tomorrow is firday! that means music bank is going to be on! *WOOTS*
U-KISS FTW!! :DD OMGahh I totally love them!!*kyaaaaaa* And the FTW that I meant it's not your version Yan, it's the original one HAHAHA

OH. Watched American Idol yesterday :) Loads of close-ups of John Park ;) HE'S HOT DAYUM! Like, the hottest asian ever on AI. hahahaha. Obviously I'm rooting for him (Y) Beacuse anyways, I don't really remember the other contestants HAHA xD


Then watched GLEE after that. LOL. I'm totally loving the show! Cory Monteith is such a cutie! *droooools*

facebooking shhhhh

Tuesday, February 16

The way it was;


I've found this video which I decided to call it an awesome to-the-much-much video(!!)

SEE? 5 cute guys with voice to drool over. That's a freakin miracle if you ask me :P

So I'm back in subang. My amazing phone died. Like really died and I was in the middle of writing a message too T.T I cried hell loads though. A part of me died along I guess. R.I.P *emoness* I broke the number 1 rule of CNY that is, not to cry on the first day. *sighh* I don't feel like talking to anyone about it. So I write it here instead :D *stillemo*

We -me,bro & cousin- slept at 2AM that night. hahaha. We were like, taking turns to get online. It was funn(!) laugh,laugh,laugh & all. HEEE. Miss my other cousins though :(((

Went back on monday morning/afternoon. After packing up some delish pausss of course! xD nothing much to do now. Only the tonne of homework we got for the hols GRRR D<

fucken hot
LALALALALA SS501 rocks :)

Sunday, February 14



Have fun *cough* I want angpau *cough* haha
will try to update this week


Thursday, February 11

Melted with no regrets

Hot much?

MBLAQ is back! (Y) The picture is for a clothing brand. More pics at :) OH, They even did a cf for the luckiest brand of cookies ever! This one. Seungho's new hair is awesome! he actually looks younger O.O haha. JoonMir *drooooooools* hahaha

EHEM. OK then. School was pretty bored except for the assembly time where most people were still very high on adrenaline. *coughcough* including me lorhh. hahahaha xD But add maths is so confusing D< and, and, and

Much love to the banana-loving maknae ;)

ps; I'm starting to like smk usj 12, the good-looking school :] HAHA


Tuesday, February 9

You saved me

OHMYGOD. I think namju's dad/stepdad or whatever he is, is dead! :O can't wait for tomorrow's episode. Sooo into reversal of fate :) my mom's so gonna regret she went to work. hahahaha.

I'm alone at home right now D: TOTALLY bored. Someone IM meeeee :(
School was pretty OK. Finally met the class teacher. And ohmycatshit! she is worse that I thought! I mean, hello anger management problem (!!) Like, really. When she talks, she's actually screaming out the words. Are you trying to make us deaf or what laaaaa? And then, she'd go all "I'm better than you, than all of you!" shit. PERGHH. Slam here, slam there somemore -.- I swear she'll loose her voice one day. Just wait for it *winkwink*

I'm totally wayyyyyy behind my homework. Like just now, I had to rush my bm & history homework in class hahaha. But I am doing my work. That's a good thing ain't it? HEEE. Had maggi with Nana during recess just now :) so, so hot! Our lips were practically burning rawwr! hahaha

Went home with aunty just now since uncle never showed up. HAHA, whythehell am I writing this here lahhh?? xD

sleep xoxo

Sunday, February 7

Edible smiles

So I decided to write a new post because I caught this picture (refer above pic) See how soohyun smile while saying "Iman, I definitely need you" [???] OMG! *droooooools* I have no idea why but I am like, so attracted to him(!) Like, I know that he's not that good-looking to other girls & such but I don't know.. he's uber sexayy to me ;) and that smile, RAWWR.

hahahaha :) this is legal OK? I've checked HEEEE. Can't wait for today's inkigayo *fangirl squels* soohyunsoohyundonghoheartsssss
supposed to do some grocery shopping & lunch at subang parade just now but my bro was like "WAIT. 1PM. CANNOT!" He said it's very important for him to watch the bleach's rerun today. Yeah, rightttttt -.- so we'll be going out later I guess c:

I've been online too much these few days, so I'm short on what to do D< All I've been doing is not
being on msn *coughcough* omegle, facebook, youtube and the tonnes of forums. Though only one word can describe all of this stuff ; B O R E D.


Saturday, February 6

A day of hotness sun

Just got back from le sports day at USJ 12. A vair, vair hot day to be out T.T I was like burning, even though I was under the shade. GRRR.

Went to school at around 7am with bro. Met people on the way to the assembly. The teachers were actually suppose to take our attendance but no one came to our class :(( haha, sad case .___. talk talk talk and go to the padang aka field of kindergarten-ness :D Round round with some girls cause I have no idea which house I belong to because the teacher never freaking told me(!) So I decided to stay in the green house because of the big signboard that was like, covering us from the going-to-appear sun *winkwink*

Had a couple of oreos for breakfast and spazzed about kpop with some girls :DD OMG they're awesome! almost awesome-er than USJ13 fangirls HEEE. I said almost though xD When the teachers were like "omg, go to your own sports house, we are so gonna give the medals" OK, maybe not like that hahahaha. Anyways, I did but I went to the purple team this time cause err.. they're hot. hahahaha. And I seriously thought they were going to win because they snatched like a thousand medals or so. But the girl beside me said that "our house is not the first anymore laaa" :((( PERGH. So I was like "let's go to the red house then" HAHA

I didn't stay to listen to the winners though. Went back earlier since the sun was beginning to pity me and went away for a while. *CWAP, kpopflash is super lagging* So I waited for my bro at the gate and met some friends :] saw uncle as in, my transport, so we ride with him instead of walking haha. A cute little boy came on after. He was dark just like uncle said. It's kind weird to find a chinese boy that dark 0.0' hahahha I asked him who won and stuff and was super excited cause my house, the red house won(!) so yeahh.. :P

Lunch was chicken rice then shower and stuff & *snap* here I am :DD LOL. I'm totally bored, fyi -.-
I'm all tanned and bored PFFT. Good combination ain't it? HAH ;D



Friday, February 5

The Dancing Floor

GRRR. The drilling next door is so loud, can't even listen to U-KISS -.- Thank god one of them is cute, or else I'd go there & shout at everyone. HAHA as if!

2PM just released a single for spris :) it's vair techno-ish. Totally diffo, but

While U-KISS just released their bingeul bingeul MV- clean version. That just simply means, they're going to release another version where the boys gonna be naked & stuff *O* hahaha. Well, I have no idea but a girl can dream can she? LOL

OMGOMG. DONGHO!!*squelssssss* and, and soohyun with black hair WAAAAAA. I'm dying. Blew up the bass for this awesome track cause well, it's super-sexy!OMG. I see Kevin & Eli! OK. wait no, soohyun is hotter :P hahaha heartsssss :)

School, another hot day today T.T Nothing actually happened but I did ran into a guy from USJ13. YAYYYY :D I thought he didn't get to move hahaha. That's good news *wink*

The girl who lies is still on it, saying she's not coming tomorrow since she'll be out with the boyf. I laughed at that statement. Yes, in front of her actually. HAHAHAHA. Seriously, we'll keep on playing until it's time for her to 'marry' the dude. I swear we'll be dead by then xD


Thursday, February 4

I wanna rock

Downloading U-KISS' album, Only one :) yup, the whole 104 mb of it. Remind me to delete some stuff from my phone will you? heee.

Yesterday, bored -.-
Today, hot. Ermm.. that's about it! hahahaha.

Sports Day is this saturday. At the freaking school T.T Unlike my school, USJ13 where students can easily slip off to McD near MPSJ. PERGH. Like we did last year, only we went to KFC *evil laugh* OH, my class is going to open up a stall :] Have no idea what they're going to sell though. I'm not participating like duhh..! It'll be super hot so do the maths.

Lots of people are talking about glee nowadays. I watched, of course. So funny & gay-ish! Lovessss

That reminds me, I finish reading shiver yesterdayyyyy *WOOTS* It was awesome, almost beyond words. I cried when Sam changed back ;( Jack died, Olive went, sam changed back in the end. A happy ending :DD LINGER, come soon!8)

GRRR. Reversal of fate is on, gotta go go go ;O


Tuesday, February 2


It's 11.50AM and I'm here :) Simple reason for that, I woke up late. Like, uber late. At 6.58am. I didn't believe it at first so I called TM to ask for the time. It really was 6.58am. I freaked, can't remember clearly though but I'm pretty sure I showered. Got out of the house 7.17am with papa, already in the car. Damn cars, not moving. So I didn't go to school. hahaha. Continued reading shiver with much enthusiasm because Isabel knew 0.0' I know right!?!? SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR LINGER. GAHHHHHH

Yesterday went by like a breeze. Can't really recall about school cause I was soaked in my novel. hahaha, I'm a freak for stories with love & suspense as the main ingredients :] OH, but I do know that I laughed so hard at a story told by a friend. It isn't a story, actually. It's a so called 'her-bf'. She tells us shits about getting bf from like, a far away state & meeting him here. Who btw, kissed her like, sunday or something when she told us she'll meet him this week and not last week which like, bleh.. Totally made us more suspicious after the word 'bf' being said from her mouth of more lies to come. FUHH. I'm tired :O

Get my point? I mean, OK. everyone has the right to tell who they want to about their life but this is diffo. I mean, nobody really likes her, really. And to be frank, like DUH I don't trust her that much. Thank god I'm not in the same class. Like, if I am, I'd laugh so hard that I'll be kick out of the school regardless of my only-one-week entrance here. HAHA.

It was super funny when my friend told me the gossip. Like, we were walking & laughing at the same time(!) So it was an interesting picture to look at from afar. But I'm kinda sad that I didn't go to school today to continue with the gossip. I mean, we can like, play with her more & more until she knows that we knows that she's faking it,
ridiculously. She'll be made into a fool then. hahahaha xD

I am so meannnnnn!Dx

SNSD - OH (alikstae remix)
awesome much? :D