Saturday, January 2

Ze new year day

hi hi :D

010110 has been a lovely day :] All I've been doing is tv, online, tv, toilet. once. and tv :D weeeee
It was fun, watching full house with mom all day. They were brodcasting 5 hours of good Rain TV. So I was spazzed HAHA. It's my mom's fault actually. I told her to change the channel, being a nice daughter and all *winkwink*
So I used the computer for a while. An hour later, I check on mom. She was still watching the show. ohmygod she was really into the show! hahahaha, that's awesome! So we continued watching la. My bladder was mad at me but hell, it's RAIN. And a marathon with limited commercials. So I had to. Sorry~kekeke

Watching full house with RAIN being younger and made me feel like I'm watching Junho acting! hahaha.Goshh, that's a plus fer sure! And the girl, Ji-eun in the drama is the luckiest girl alive! I swear.She was all touchy-talky & all those nice stuff with RAIN. THE RAIN. hahahaha *fangirl squel!*

KBS gonna have the marathon tomorrow too! cannot wait! hahaha :)

awww see what I mean?!?!

haha, but because of this new-year-day special, they didn't show music bank :(
So I watched today's ep on youtube. God bless youtube HAHA
My fav song of 2PM's album is tired of waiting. Which was exactly what they performed just now! kekeke

OMONA! they're sexier and a bit emo-er but still hot ;)

Wooyoung is looking mighty hotter nowadays!
Or maybe it's just tired. I'm not sure. They all look tired though :l *sigh*
2PM fighting!!

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