Tuesday, January 19

Year One Jokes

hahahaha *coughcough

I'm sorry that I didn't go to school today >>:( OK, here's the thing. I'm an official twelvean now! *WOOT
So I'm going to SMK USJ 12 starting tomorrow HEEE. My classmates have no idea about this yet O___O
hahaha. I didn't tell anyone, really. I told a few peeps because I thought about not moving but then I decided to move. Made sense? But the downside is, I won't be a science student anymore! D: because because, all the science classes there are full!and now I have to sit in the account stream, which is not that bad I guess. I think it's going to be alright since I don't really need science to be a psychologist & such. I'm gonna miss numbers though.. NOT. hahaha.

byebye USJ 13. I'm gonna miss you guys like, super much! thanks for the memories :')

I have no idea what to write now -.- zzz

I guess my cousins are still on the airplane. I think. My aunty said that their flight was at 630am just now O.o that's early ain't it? I'm gonna miss them too :( HAHA *emo face

LOL I was reading some comments about fred figglehorn a.k.a Lucas Cruikshank and I laughed, hard. Because there was this one user who said
"omqe.yur voicee.very sexay!" WHICH, I totally agree for my own reasons thanks xD I mean, his real voice laaa. Seriously, it's so deep. ohmygosh, hahaha. Everyone knows that I lovelove guys with deepdeep voice *imagining TOP is calling my name* GAHHH. hot much?


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