Thursday, January 7

Wish you could go back


Today was a tiring day, as always. But it was extra tiring because I went to school for the first time in 2010.
So many strangers, I felt like I'm the new student all over again. I mean, we have juniors now! WOOT!
It's not all that fun though. Hell, I was effing sleepy in class. ZZZ

Class. More strangers. Weird. Only three of us 3F's are in 4D this year. Me & 2 dudes WAAAAA~
And many, many malays lah. It's so alien to be hearing malay language all-day long in class since I'm so familiar with mandarin being the first language spoken in class. PFFT-___-

I don't even recognize the teachers who are going to teach us. Thank god I know some girls from last year's PE class. They helped :) OH, Icha is not in the same class though >:( that sucks. But we still go to recess together which is good considering she'll be going to USJ4 soon. aww I'm so gonna miss her!

I'm bored now. Like, really bored. Because for the past 3 nights or so all I've been doing is hanging with my cousins. You know, play around, walk here walk there sleep hahahaa.
They're awesome! Just imagine, we didn't need to watch TV to have fun. I know right? xD
MISS YOU GUYS ;( Don't grow up too fast la kay? :)

I don't want your dirty cash yo! omg I love you GD!!----total randomness :D


ZE:A- Mazeltov MV

They're sexayyyy ;) I swear one of them looks like KEY haha! The song is like, yeah.. sexy! and addictive.
And, and I can't wait for F.cuz's MV tomorrow :DD


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