Sunday, January 24

What it felt,

I think I love you, It must be true.
Cause I miss you - BYUL :)

CHU~me likey this pic, totally random :]

I've found my 3rd & u
nloved memory card just now. Yes, found. And it was on my table. Go figure *wink* So I forced it into the adapter thingy & found nothing new or that awesome. Just some old music, ost mostly. The space of 512MB is now filled with randomness hahaha. But then I found Byul - I think I love you. I love this song but it was weird listening to it, remembering the full house drama. Really. Towards the end of the song, tears were filing up my eyes. I know right?!?! STRANGE MUCH?

OK, I just wanted to pour that out before it gets old in me LOL. Anyways, I went to the clinic again today =.= And yeah, wick is still inside of me. But I feel less pain now so I didn't cry :D but still, GRRR. I am suppose to be fine by now *sigh* So I got more strong antibiotics since it was a drag for me to eat 4 meds 4 times a day.____.

OH, I redecorate my room today *WOOT!* as in, I put loads and loads of posters up on my wall HEEE. Like really, I can't even take a clear picture of it. Only this blur blur thang 8)

beautiful :')

hahaha. can you see it? honggi, 2PM, BB, Suju etc etc :D :D *fangirl squel* kekeke. And the heart thingy is put on henry from suju M cause I love him like duhh..!

Inkigayo was awesome, but I don't have time to update on that. But Allkpop has all the time they want ;)

xoxo RAWWR

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