Tuesday, January 12

We are fighting! dreamers!

Hey hello hi hi

Just came back from school. Another vair tiring day, thanks. Where to start?
OH, my bestie didn't go to school again. Super bored without her ;( Nonetheless, I kept the faith. hahahaha.
omg I'm messed up today! xD Maybe it's because I'm not eating right. Had oatmeal for breakfast. Porridge for lunch.Old people food, nothing much because of ze stupid braces. It hurts like hell! Because I just got it tighten yesterday PFFT.The colours are green & white now :D so cute!

*coughcough* School. 2 or 3(I'm not sure OK) students changed streams. So they're now in my class :)
one of them is chotto cute. chotto. Not the malay one though. He's dark but short hahahaha. :]
I just found out about the many cosplayers from my school. It's weird actually. They're like a completely diffo people in school. Who would've thought? they're awesome to keep the anime fever alive in the school. I know my fever died since don't know when xD

I'm all alone at home right now *WOOT! let's partayyyy :D* I mean. awwhhh.. pity me xP
HEH. I remembered something but then I forgot again. WOW. is this how it feels when you're gonna be a year older? muahahaha!

OK well. Suddenly I have the feeling to go & practice my winking HAHA be back when I know what to write about!



It has that kind of beat to it, you know? just makes you feel something but I have no idea how to explain it. LOL. WOOYOUNGIE!! ;D and and chansung!!

hahahaha. me out :P

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