Thursday, January 21

Wasn't me

We were the kings & queens of our promise.
I heart thirty seconds to mars :)

I'm not going to school again tomorrow! *woot!* Doctor said I still have some stuff in the place where I got operated on. Does that make any sense?? hahaha. I'm saying that the doctor needs to put some wick in there for my blood to go clean again :D So, in conclusion, I won't be going to school tomorrow as he need to take it out. And hell yeah, it hurts (!!) I hope tomorrow is the last day for me cause I'm sick of crying everyday like nobody's business HEEE.

My mom called the school. I bet the clerk pity me :( haha, all I need to bring next monday is MCs and I got like, tonnes of those! :D! So obviously I'm quite bored. Past & present wise. I 'met' some cool peeps online though just now. On omegle HAHA. really, a ninja, nigga, guy from mars etc etc. Loads of fun :] I know what you're thinking "what an exciting life I lead!!!" yea well, I know right?!?!xD

I thought about my short 2-years as a student in SMK USJ 13 just now. I really don't know how I survived. Like, really. The school was a major pain in the buttocks. The students are as naughty as chimpanzees and I'm pretty sure some of the teachers are really crazy teens in disguise. All in all I had such a great time though :') I grew up there. And goshh, *snap* I'm gonna be 16 this year. sixteen! *shocked face* :O

OH, the main light in my room is fixed! YEAH. After like, 7 months or so?? yes MOM, I'm writing about this in my blog just like I told you :P my aunty was like "no wonder she didn't get straight A's for pmr. She was studying in a dark room!" So I told her that if she ever want to adopt a cute & helpful kid, she should really consider me. HAHAHA. oouu, and guess what betches. I'm afraid of the dark and I'm also claustrophobic. *sigh* how did I manage to stay alive? God, I'm so proud of myself right now *pats self* :) I know I should be embarrassed and all but really, I'm not. It's not anyone's fault really *cough* dad *cough* but he was busy *cough* not *cough* hahaha.

So I will be going to the clinic again tomorrow =.= tears, blood and oh, did I mention tears?
wish me luck, again :)


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