Monday, January 18

The other kids will die O.O


I'm watching FRED hahaha :) he's hackin awesome! OH, yeah. I'm not at school O__O that's because I'm kinda busy (??)OK, I know it's a lame excuse but what eff. yes laaa, will tell about it laterrr.

We went to this chinese sifu doctor in taipan the other day. He spoke chinese to us hahaha. Until I said "wo bu ming pai" then my mom was all like "english. no chinese. english" hahahaha.0Thank god, he knows what 'pain' *eyebrowstwitch* While my aunty was in the doctor's room with mom, I watched tv. And guess what show?? guess laa. MUSIC BANK! hahaha. So by the time I went in, the place was filled with korean music xD When we were outside again, not outside outside I mean, 2PM was performing!! kekeke. That was awesome! Tired of waiting is
. It was their goodbye stage some more D:

We went to kuala kangsar on saturday morning. MORNING you know .___. Just came home yesterday haha. It was super hot! omg like hothot! really. I wonder why those people can walk outside & not get sun-burn or darker skin. PFFT. lucky betches LOL I barely eat while I was there with mom & aunty sue. hahaha, OK that was a lie :P
and you know it :O was on facebook a lot though. I am ADDICTED so help me god! seriously. It's very tempting GAHHH . Then omegle.omegle. HAHA I seriously need a life lahhh if like this ;(

Online last night and opened up my old, old msn LOL. I mean, sorry if I have too many but I have my reasons Dx
Not many people only lahh nowadays *sobsob* oh, and found this amazing fan-made vid of 2PM's TIK TOK. It totally fits with the song. emotional, sexy and the guy is cute too! only a little awkward hahaha swt *fake laugh*

*sobsob* though I don't think I understand, but I know that this video is sad :'( it's like, she's like, wants this guy but at the same time she has to bare with her husband who obviously, is not good enough for him. And pity that dude. His in a forbidden relationship *sigh* GOD, I want to see this drama. google search *winkwink* hahaha :)

ps; add me up on facebook. I'm bored -___-


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