Thursday, January 14

Just You & Me Hardcore ;)

hello small world!

It's been a very busy few days for me. Not that I'm complaining & all just so you know *winkwink
My aunty Sue is here so yeahh. We walked here, walked there. OK. I'll make a list hahaha

went to klcc right after lunch :) We stopped at a bank first, to meet some peeps. Klcc was diffo because there were hardly any people were there. But I said to my mom that I'd love to work in Isetan even if they don't pay that much. Well, you know.. bishies here & there maaa xD shoes, shoes, shoes overload! waaaaaaa~ we arrived home at 6.30 PM. Dinner at Ibu's house to celebrate because my uncle who just arrived from labuan before going back there again. My favourite cousins came too :D hahaha. my favourites. I mean, there were like 11 or 12 I think. So all of them is included lol. eat, eat. american idol. LOLed while watching wipeout. That was hella fun ;) Took some pictures and they went back--awwwwwhhh :( and we went back. Slept at 11PM or something.

Went straight to Ibu's place after school. Thank God it wasn't hot! Left at 2PM to my house to change clothes. And of we went to Subang Parade :) me & aunty Sue, that is. Bought a pair of pyjama bottoms. I was like omgthehellsocuteeee!
when I saw it. So I bought it laaa. and donuts*yummmmmmm LOL went back at 5.30PM. T I R E D much?dinner at Kiwi. I didn't eat as I was like, so tired to chew hahahaha.

I don't remember that much about school though. Just the fact that I'm wayyyyy behind my homework & stuff. PFFT. And that I miss 2G'08 & 3F'09 :')

PS; Tell me something. USJ 12 or no USJ 12? hemmmm


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