Saturday, January 9

It's a secret.


So my mom was like "WTF" when she find out that I didn't go to school for the koko meeting.
I told her I registered so It's OK.Obviously she didn't listen. Instead, she went all "next time have to go you lazy ass mother@**&#^" OK, I edited the last part but what eff. HAHA. She just came back from perak, bringing My aunty Sue along *WOOT* leaving the house there empty for a while. She, my mom I mean, can't stop telling us how wonderful my cousins were. Helped with this and that blah blah. So I'm like, why are you so obssesed with them?? hahahaha. I crack myself up xD mariah carey rules!

Had dinner with Ibu's family. Half of the family, at least. KFC+Domino's burrrrppppp*
there were like 11 people I think. So of course we had to eat a lot. I downloaded like, 13 songs today. But I forgot which one hahahaha. OH, am getting familiar with ZE:A members. I have to say that I love kevin. He's effin hot! ;D
and,and siwan too! The key look-alike. and maybe kwang kee. HEEEEE. They all are so vair, vair hot, mind you. Of course a girl can't decide on only one hottie out of the nine dudes. PFFT. That would be insane!

I'm so tiredddddd today. Maybe it's because of school. But I went to school 2 days only this week lehhhh?!?!
Or the lack of drama in my life right now. K-drama I mean. OH, that reminds me, I didn't do a summary on FULL HOUSE. Other than it was a sweet, comedy show about love that I really enjoyed :)
But again, the girl that played ji-eun is soooooo lucky! *sigh. To be looking into rain's eyes and that ahmazing smile. WAAAAAA. I love you rain!!!
ㅋㅋㅋ no seriously. HAHAHA xD

SEE. Are you not jealous girls??

Dude, I sound so scary *coughcough*
It's 11.50PM now. If I don't get out of the computer soon, my mom will go all 'wtfwhyImansolazyyyyyyy' again with me. I bet -____- so toodles!


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