Sunday, January 31

It was irrelevant

Good evening :)

Yesterday did me wrong. The parents went all buzzard with like, everything(!) Today was no diffo. Except that we went to KLCC with aunty Sue at noon. Lunchie at kory-won which was super-delish :) Bought all-white school shoes since SMK USJ 12 pratically banned shoes with black-lining. GRRR. So now I'm wearing ugly, big Bata shoes. Smells a lot like form 1 hahaha.

Then, we went to kinokuniya. I bought a book called 'shiver' by maggie stiefvater. I saw it in a book review in the star newspaper in december which gave props to it. So it was like a mission accomplished haha. Just had to swallow the price tag though D< "don't have larhhh, in July got" Then me & my bro played 'RATE.' Which is the game of rating cute guys & girls between 1-10 :D hahaha. I remember playing it with icha & ricia at school last year. such good times :') And Icha will be all like,"hey 2!" to the nerds & stuff HAHA.

School tomorrow PFFT. Thank god I did my maths & add maths work yesterday *pats self* So now I can continue reading the novel. OH, did I tell you it's about wolves-humans & humans? hahaha. My obsession with weird creatures. Like, generation dead is about zombies and shiver is about wolves. What's next? Tomatoes I guess hahaha :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm still down & still feel like running away from all of this. Just.. not now. Take care yea


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