Wednesday, January 6

I want nobody but you ;

I am finally back! WOO HOO ;)

The reason for my not-being-here is that my grandma passed away on saturday evening at 4.15PM.
So we rushed back right after hearing the news. That was when I was really enjoying myself watching the full house marathon. No biggie. Reached there at 7 somethingsomething. I really don't want to write about it. Really, it's painful.

Eventhough my grandma just passed, I have to say this past 5 days has been awesome!
One of the best, no, THE best vacation everrrr!! Goshh, I have no idea where to begin. I mean, all of my cuzzies were there. [Minus three dudes] The best food were served, the best time at the lake. *sigh* I feel like a kid again. hahahaha.

laugh, laugh, laugh, FULL HOUSE ;)

More laughing, sleep at don't know what time, Eat, Lake :D FULL HOUSE last ep awww :[

Dad went back, laugh, sleep a lot etc ^___^

Laugh, eat, FRED, lake again before going home with Ibu leaving mummy there. I miss them already ;(

My summary is a bit off & 100% bogus, I know. But that's all I can remember. I'm still vair tired from all that laughing & playing xD But we did took a few pics, OK, A lot of pics to remember from. By 'we' I mean them as in my cuzzies. They're going back to Arab soon so yeahh.. *sighsighsigh* have no idea when we'll meet again. LOL

OH, I'm going to school tomorrow. Which sucks. HAHAHAHA-____- Still, have no idea whether USJ12 is going to accept me or not. They're effing slow, it's annoying. People are already having a bad time with their homework. GAHHHH. Just hope everything works out *wink*

PS; I love you. hahahhahaha. Just watched it last night kekeke ;P I'm so hyper right now, have no idea why! HEEEEE


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