Friday, January 8

Get Jiggy!

F.cuz is here! WOOT!!

LeeU is ahdorable much!
and Yejun too! he reminds me of Yoseob of BEAST! hahaha
Kan & Jinon are such hotties. GAHHHH. But sorry to say this, I like ZE:A better than F.cuz cause well.. ZE:A's song is so addictive. And you know how I am when I'm around addicitve stuff xP
Though, it's still pretty early to decide which side I'm on kekeke

School was another a lil better than yesterday's snooze fest. I didn't have add maths, that's a plus. Instead, we sat down at the bilik wawasan to listen to some dudes talk about careers profiling. That was a blast -___-
They were from SeGi. Which, I said to Sharmine, "looks like an extended-tall version of the white house" LOL
Us form 4 kids obviously didn't respect them that much. AWWHHH. Pity them because they had to come to our school of loudness to give a speech. It was suppose to end at 10.25AM but it ended around 10.05AM since the dude got fed up with us so he just left bahaha! That's USJ 13 for yah ;) ㅋㅋㅋ!

I got all of my textbooks so I'm pretty tired now. OH, that was another challenge. Me & Icha missed recess because the teachers were so slow PERGHH. But the funny thing was, I forgot to take my Agama book HAHAHA. So I had to go back and searched for it. That shows how much I'm into agama studies :D That reminds me! In history right..
I seriously don't get why non-muslim students have to learn about how muslim peeps got here way back when.
I mean, racist much?? Even I can't take the 4-5 topics about old people getting here by boat blah blah blah.
I pity them weiyhh. Like, isn't World history much more important?? What sort of people are controlling the SPM SPM syllabus? Stupid malays, I tell you. No offence, but I don't think it's fair to the non-muslims. And to me of course *sighsigh*

OK, well. I need my kitty nap now

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