Tuesday, January 26

Cotton Candy me


It was my first day at SMK USJ 12 yesterday. heh, 7 out of 10 :] My class, 4 visto is like my form 2 class, 2G. Seriously. omg, where to begin? I mean, the noise, the people and the pityness I have for the teachers. I was sent to the Discipline room because of my not-there badge, lovable shoes and also my fringe. I was like "D:!! I'm a new student laaa" then Teo Tiu was like, "OK. But tomorrow must have the badge" PHEWW. Got out of that safely and I even made friends with this girl :D She taught I was chinese so she asked "you're not chinese ar?" I was like "nooo O.O" I wanted to say that I'm korean but I think she'll find out soon anyways hahaha.

She's in 4G, next to my class. So we went up up together. My class was full of monkeys when I got there. But then I knock knock knock on the door and made this look to the guy beside the door & he was like "Teacher! got somebody" So bla, bla, bla I got a seat beside this girl :) She's nice. Always smiling kekeke. 2 other girls are behind us. I heard them saying "something something malai-ren?' I was like, "yup I'm malay" LOL funaayyy

And snap, I'm back in chinese school *YAY :D But I'm still fitting in though. Trying this group of friends, that group of friends, you know.. the usual :) The prefects in my class are nice. One of them, at least. He's chinese but can't speak mandarin. . .O.O' I still haven't met the class teacher yet actually. She sounds scary from what I heard hahaaha.

All in all, it's a good school and good school equals to smart bishies *winkwinkgrinnnnnn* ;D


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