Saturday, January 23

A fool only knows

What happens when it's raining complete with the mega-size thunders at 5.40 PM on a friday evening? easy.
Since you can't watch music bank on, you bang the tv until it obeys you. hahaha. Cause that was what I did LMAO xD So after doing that, I managed to watch 2AM's awesome comeback, C.n blue, after school & the special and lots more actually. I don't why HAM is so popular. I mean, I like their style and all but their song is only like, 4/10. But it's hot on 왜??

anyway, did I mention 2AM is so hot? well, they are. jo kwon's new hair is
. and, and seul ong ong is like, manly now! hahaha. Jinwoon too ;) they all look a little bit manly-err. but jo kwon, err.. is another story HAHA *winkwink
their MV is out yo!!

2AM - 죽어도 못보내 (Even if I die, I can't send you)

awesome much? My fav song out of the album. it's so emotional :') and everyone knows I'm the mushy-type ;D
Kwonnie's eye brows look extra fierce! hahaha. I love seul ong
Something about him that makes me go all drooly like now *droooooools* kekeke. ehmm.. changmin is also a bit diffo..yes? and jinwoon looks like dae sung! O___O
OK, I need to stop spazzing like right now, I know

I guess lots of people went to the 13 larian mesra just now as the white peeps will call it cross-country. How was it? I bet I'd die if I went too. So hot lahh!! *sigh I didn't go cause I need to go to the clinic again today. yea, still, something is inside of me. It hurts D; But I didn't cry yesterday! really. It was a new record. OK. maybe I did, a little bit. But that didn't count hahaha. My mom is not here today so I have to go with my dad. Wonder how it's going to turn out LOL.

I just downloaded a few kpop piano sheets. ohmygod! What an awesome site. All my fav songs are there! Well, maybe not all cause if ALL of my fav songs are there, the site will look like a bunch of letters mix together HAHA. So for all piano players go here to find awesome jpop/kpop/cpop & cantonese music :) I've already downloaded U-kiss - man man ha ni & 2PM- tired of waiting GAHHHH can't wait to play them (!!) heeee.


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