Saturday, January 30

Feel so sad


HEEE. I'm not in the mood today since I can't go to the 1.59PM show. Thanks a lot, dad. GRRRR. So not in the mood lah :((( But life is all about that ain't it? My life that is. If I even have one, that is. I feel so sad. So alone *sobsob* Justin bieber's music made me happy though. His voice is so sweet (!) SEE. Music makes me happy. Only music :)

Someone called me like, 2AM last night. Thank god I sleep like a dead girl can and thy phone was on silent. If not, I'll be awake after listening to Wooyoung's voice singing tik tok.

zzz. GREAT, my mom is mad. OMG. Have to go

EDIT :She has no clue does she? and my dad is a good one. HEH, feel like dying. DIE

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