Wednesday, January 20

And dance forever

Hey, it's 10.30 PM now. I just finished watching Glee. haha, yea. Just premiered on Star world. So late, they've already won like, 17 golden globes or something *sigh* It was fun actually :)

Moving on.. I just undergo a small operation last night. Or as my mom call it, "minor surgery". It hurts like hell. I cried like 2 buckets of water cause doctor didn't give me anesthetic. OK, he did but I still can feel the freakin pain. God, I feel like puking telling this. eww much? hahaha. Need to go to the clinic (wasn't in the hospital) again cause there's still something in me. I have no idea what, so I hope doctor won't be putting any other thing in me. So obviously, I haven't been going to school this week :D hahaha, lucky arse. But I still don't feel that good :l

OH, my dad went though. He said I can sit in the 4 Vesto or something. They got some weird names there. Like, A is for amiga and.. oh cwap I forgot the other classes! HAHA ehh.. pain

Maybe I'm gonna sleep early tonight since I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to hurt, again. Wish me luck! :D

They got me addicted to this song. LOVE IT!!
Min hyuk is so cute *sigh* and yong hwa looks sexayyy ;) CN BLUE ♥!!


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