Friday, January 29


The school week just ended *WOOT :D
What are you guys doing this weekend? I'll probably go to the 1.59PM charity show :) But I'm not sure yet cause well, my dad was like "I'll tell you tomorrow" when I asked him about it last night *sighhh*

OH, am listening to FT Island's Double date now. The one I bought yesterday at subang parade. I was like "HONGGI!!! WTH is this hottie doing here?!!!" So I took it A.S.A.P :P The price didn't matter [muahaha!] but I can tell you guys that it's cheapppp! I was like OMFG when I saw the tag. hahaha. 2PM's albums were there too, and mblaq's, RAIN etc etc. I didn't buy cause I already have all of their songs HAHA. The shop, speedy was playing korean songs too. LOL. Kpop is totally taking over the music industry! power to my home country! HAHA

ate with family & aunty Su at TGIF :] I didn't order any food though. The portions were so big! and everyone knows I don't eat that much. Just took a few bites here & there. I ate like, a quarter of a cheeseburger & the salad. That was super nice *yummmm* kekeke. Me & my bro got drunk later when we drink the slush HEEE.

I don't know why but my msn keep forgetting me. GRRR. and now I have to type my long-ish email address D:

Anyways, valentine's day is also the first day of chinese new year. If I remember correctly lol. Not sure where I'll be though. Maybe gonna spend it in Ipoh, the city of hothot guys (& cute girls) ;DD hahaha.

Talking about hothot guys, My new school is filled with them!! GOSHH. Like, wherever I go there must be at least one guy that looks like TOP ! or HONGGI! or WOOYOUNGGIE! REALLY. The non-malays laaa hahaha. but there are about 70% more ullzangs in USJ 12 than in USJ 13. Sorry babes, but it's a fact. Even the junior guys are like, soooo cute! omg. HAHA :D

Need to leave now, too much writing is not good for the health(!!) xD


ps; HOTTEST, aja aja fighting!!

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