Sunday, January 31

It was irrelevant

Good evening :)

Yesterday did me wrong. The parents went all buzzard with like, everything(!) Today was no diffo. Except that we went to KLCC with aunty Sue at noon. Lunchie at kory-won which was super-delish :) Bought all-white school shoes since SMK USJ 12 pratically banned shoes with black-lining. GRRR. So now I'm wearing ugly, big Bata shoes. Smells a lot like form 1 hahaha.

Then, we went to kinokuniya. I bought a book called 'shiver' by maggie stiefvater. I saw it in a book review in the star newspaper in december which gave props to it. So it was like a mission accomplished haha. Just had to swallow the price tag though D< "don't have larhhh, in July got" Then me & my bro played 'RATE.' Which is the game of rating cute guys & girls between 1-10 :D hahaha. I remember playing it with icha & ricia at school last year. such good times :') And Icha will be all like,"hey 2!" to the nerds & stuff HAHA.

School tomorrow PFFT. Thank god I did my maths & add maths work yesterday *pats self* So now I can continue reading the novel. OH, did I tell you it's about wolves-humans & humans? hahaha. My obsession with weird creatures. Like, generation dead is about zombies and shiver is about wolves. What's next? Tomatoes I guess hahaha :)

Don't get me wrong, I'm still down & still feel like running away from all of this. Just.. not now. Take care yea


Saturday, January 30

Feel so sad


HEEE. I'm not in the mood today since I can't go to the 1.59PM show. Thanks a lot, dad. GRRRR. So not in the mood lah :((( But life is all about that ain't it? My life that is. If I even have one, that is. I feel so sad. So alone *sobsob* Justin bieber's music made me happy though. His voice is so sweet (!) SEE. Music makes me happy. Only music :)

Someone called me like, 2AM last night. Thank god I sleep like a dead girl can and thy phone was on silent. If not, I'll be awake after listening to Wooyoung's voice singing tik tok.

zzz. GREAT, my mom is mad. OMG. Have to go

EDIT :She has no clue does she? and my dad is a good one. HEH, feel like dying. DIE

Friday, January 29


I cried, need music but my phone DIED on me. STUPID THING.


The school week just ended *WOOT :D
What are you guys doing this weekend? I'll probably go to the 1.59PM charity show :) But I'm not sure yet cause well, my dad was like "I'll tell you tomorrow" when I asked him about it last night *sighhh*

OH, am listening to FT Island's Double date now. The one I bought yesterday at subang parade. I was like "HONGGI!!! WTH is this hottie doing here?!!!" So I took it A.S.A.P :P The price didn't matter [muahaha!] but I can tell you guys that it's cheapppp! I was like OMFG when I saw the tag. hahaha. 2PM's albums were there too, and mblaq's, RAIN etc etc. I didn't buy cause I already have all of their songs HAHA. The shop, speedy was playing korean songs too. LOL. Kpop is totally taking over the music industry! power to my home country! HAHA

ate with family & aunty Su at TGIF :] I didn't order any food though. The portions were so big! and everyone knows I don't eat that much. Just took a few bites here & there. I ate like, a quarter of a cheeseburger & the salad. That was super nice *yummmm* kekeke. Me & my bro got drunk later when we drink the slush HEEE.

I don't know why but my msn keep forgetting me. GRRR. and now I have to type my long-ish email address D:

Anyways, valentine's day is also the first day of chinese new year. If I remember correctly lol. Not sure where I'll be though. Maybe gonna spend it in Ipoh, the city of hothot guys (& cute girls) ;DD hahaha.

Talking about hothot guys, My new school is filled with them!! GOSHH. Like, wherever I go there must be at least one guy that looks like TOP ! or HONGGI! or WOOYOUNGGIE! REALLY. The non-malays laaa hahaha. but there are about 70% more ullzangs in USJ 12 than in USJ 13. Sorry babes, but it's a fact. Even the junior guys are like, soooo cute! omg. HAHA :D

Need to leave now, too much writing is not good for the health(!!) xD


ps; HOTTEST, aja aja fighting!!

Tuesday, January 26

Cotton Candy me


It was my first day at SMK USJ 12 yesterday. heh, 7 out of 10 :] My class, 4 visto is like my form 2 class, 2G. Seriously. omg, where to begin? I mean, the noise, the people and the pityness I have for the teachers. I was sent to the Discipline room because of my not-there badge, lovable shoes and also my fringe. I was like "D:!! I'm a new student laaa" then Teo Tiu was like, "OK. But tomorrow must have the badge" PHEWW. Got out of that safely and I even made friends with this girl :D She taught I was chinese so she asked "you're not chinese ar?" I was like "nooo O.O" I wanted to say that I'm korean but I think she'll find out soon anyways hahaha.

She's in 4G, next to my class. So we went up up together. My class was full of monkeys when I got there. But then I knock knock knock on the door and made this look to the guy beside the door & he was like "Teacher! got somebody" So bla, bla, bla I got a seat beside this girl :) She's nice. Always smiling kekeke. 2 other girls are behind us. I heard them saying "something something malai-ren?' I was like, "yup I'm malay" LOL funaayyy

And snap, I'm back in chinese school *YAY :D But I'm still fitting in though. Trying this group of friends, that group of friends, you know.. the usual :) The prefects in my class are nice. One of them, at least. He's chinese but can't speak mandarin. . .O.O' I still haven't met the class teacher yet actually. She sounds scary from what I heard hahaaha.

All in all, it's a good school and good school equals to smart bishies *winkwinkgrinnnnnn* ;D


Sunday, January 24

What it felt,

I think I love you, It must be true.
Cause I miss you - BYUL :)

CHU~me likey this pic, totally random :]

I've found my 3rd & u
nloved memory card just now. Yes, found. And it was on my table. Go figure *wink* So I forced it into the adapter thingy & found nothing new or that awesome. Just some old music, ost mostly. The space of 512MB is now filled with randomness hahaha. But then I found Byul - I think I love you. I love this song but it was weird listening to it, remembering the full house drama. Really. Towards the end of the song, tears were filing up my eyes. I know right?!?! STRANGE MUCH?

OK, I just wanted to pour that out before it gets old in me LOL. Anyways, I went to the clinic again today =.= And yeah, wick is still inside of me. But I feel less pain now so I didn't cry :D but still, GRRR. I am suppose to be fine by now *sigh* So I got more strong antibiotics since it was a drag for me to eat 4 meds 4 times a day.____.

OH, I redecorate my room today *WOOT!* as in, I put loads and loads of posters up on my wall HEEE. Like really, I can't even take a clear picture of it. Only this blur blur thang 8)

beautiful :')

hahaha. can you see it? honggi, 2PM, BB, Suju etc etc :D :D *fangirl squel* kekeke. And the heart thingy is put on henry from suju M cause I love him like duhh..!

Inkigayo was awesome, but I don't have time to update on that. But Allkpop has all the time they want ;)

xoxo RAWWR

Saturday, January 23

A fool only knows

What happens when it's raining complete with the mega-size thunders at 5.40 PM on a friday evening? easy.
Since you can't watch music bank on, you bang the tv until it obeys you. hahaha. Cause that was what I did LMAO xD So after doing that, I managed to watch 2AM's awesome comeback, C.n blue, after school & the special and lots more actually. I don't why HAM is so popular. I mean, I like their style and all but their song is only like, 4/10. But it's hot on 왜??

anyway, did I mention 2AM is so hot? well, they are. jo kwon's new hair is
. and, and seul ong ong is like, manly now! hahaha. Jinwoon too ;) they all look a little bit manly-err. but jo kwon, err.. is another story HAHA *winkwink
their MV is out yo!!

2AM - 죽어도 못보내 (Even if I die, I can't send you)

awesome much? My fav song out of the album. it's so emotional :') and everyone knows I'm the mushy-type ;D
Kwonnie's eye brows look extra fierce! hahaha. I love seul ong
Something about him that makes me go all drooly like now *droooooools* kekeke. ehmm.. changmin is also a bit diffo..yes? and jinwoon looks like dae sung! O___O
OK, I need to stop spazzing like right now, I know

I guess lots of people went to the 13 larian mesra just now as the white peeps will call it cross-country. How was it? I bet I'd die if I went too. So hot lahh!! *sigh I didn't go cause I need to go to the clinic again today. yea, still, something is inside of me. It hurts D; But I didn't cry yesterday! really. It was a new record. OK. maybe I did, a little bit. But that didn't count hahaha. My mom is not here today so I have to go with my dad. Wonder how it's going to turn out LOL.

I just downloaded a few kpop piano sheets. ohmygod! What an awesome site. All my fav songs are there! Well, maybe not all cause if ALL of my fav songs are there, the site will look like a bunch of letters mix together HAHA. So for all piano players go here to find awesome jpop/kpop/cpop & cantonese music :) I've already downloaded U-kiss - man man ha ni & 2PM- tired of waiting GAHHHH can't wait to play them (!!) heeee.


Thursday, January 21

Wasn't me

We were the kings & queens of our promise.
I heart thirty seconds to mars :)

I'm not going to school again tomorrow! *woot!* Doctor said I still have some stuff in the place where I got operated on. Does that make any sense?? hahaha. I'm saying that the doctor needs to put some wick in there for my blood to go clean again :D So, in conclusion, I won't be going to school tomorrow as he need to take it out. And hell yeah, it hurts (!!) I hope tomorrow is the last day for me cause I'm sick of crying everyday like nobody's business HEEE.

My mom called the school. I bet the clerk pity me :( haha, all I need to bring next monday is MCs and I got like, tonnes of those! :D! So obviously I'm quite bored. Past & present wise. I 'met' some cool peeps online though just now. On omegle HAHA. really, a ninja, nigga, guy from mars etc etc. Loads of fun :] I know what you're thinking "what an exciting life I lead!!!" yea well, I know right?!?!xD

I thought about my short 2-years as a student in SMK USJ 13 just now. I really don't know how I survived. Like, really. The school was a major pain in the buttocks. The students are as naughty as chimpanzees and I'm pretty sure some of the teachers are really crazy teens in disguise. All in all I had such a great time though :') I grew up there. And goshh, *snap* I'm gonna be 16 this year. sixteen! *shocked face* :O

OH, the main light in my room is fixed! YEAH. After like, 7 months or so?? yes MOM, I'm writing about this in my blog just like I told you :P my aunty was like "no wonder she didn't get straight A's for pmr. She was studying in a dark room!" So I told her that if she ever want to adopt a cute & helpful kid, she should really consider me. HAHAHA. oouu, and guess what betches. I'm afraid of the dark and I'm also claustrophobic. *sigh* how did I manage to stay alive? God, I'm so proud of myself right now *pats self* :) I know I should be embarrassed and all but really, I'm not. It's not anyone's fault really *cough* dad *cough* but he was busy *cough* not *cough* hahaha.

So I will be going to the clinic again tomorrow =.= tears, blood and oh, did I mention tears?
wish me luck, again :)


Wednesday, January 20

And dance forever

Hey, it's 10.30 PM now. I just finished watching Glee. haha, yea. Just premiered on Star world. So late, they've already won like, 17 golden globes or something *sigh* It was fun actually :)

Moving on.. I just undergo a small operation last night. Or as my mom call it, "minor surgery". It hurts like hell. I cried like 2 buckets of water cause doctor didn't give me anesthetic. OK, he did but I still can feel the freakin pain. God, I feel like puking telling this. eww much? hahaha. Need to go to the clinic (wasn't in the hospital) again cause there's still something in me. I have no idea what, so I hope doctor won't be putting any other thing in me. So obviously, I haven't been going to school this week :D hahaha, lucky arse. But I still don't feel that good :l

OH, my dad went though. He said I can sit in the 4 Vesto or something. They got some weird names there. Like, A is for amiga and.. oh cwap I forgot the other classes! HAHA ehh.. pain

Maybe I'm gonna sleep early tonight since I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to hurt, again. Wish me luck! :D

They got me addicted to this song. LOVE IT!!
Min hyuk is so cute *sigh* and yong hwa looks sexayyy ;) CN BLUE ♥!!


Tuesday, January 19

Year One Jokes

hahahaha *coughcough

I'm sorry that I didn't go to school today >>:( OK, here's the thing. I'm an official twelvean now! *WOOT
So I'm going to SMK USJ 12 starting tomorrow HEEE. My classmates have no idea about this yet O___O
hahaha. I didn't tell anyone, really. I told a few peeps because I thought about not moving but then I decided to move. Made sense? But the downside is, I won't be a science student anymore! D: because because, all the science classes there are full!and now I have to sit in the account stream, which is not that bad I guess. I think it's going to be alright since I don't really need science to be a psychologist & such. I'm gonna miss numbers though.. NOT. hahaha.

byebye USJ 13. I'm gonna miss you guys like, super much! thanks for the memories :')

I have no idea what to write now -.- zzz

I guess my cousins are still on the airplane. I think. My aunty said that their flight was at 630am just now O.o that's early ain't it? I'm gonna miss them too :( HAHA *emo face

LOL I was reading some comments about fred figglehorn a.k.a Lucas Cruikshank and I laughed, hard. Because there was this one user who said
"omqe.yur voicee.very sexay!" WHICH, I totally agree for my own reasons thanks xD I mean, his real voice laaa. Seriously, it's so deep. ohmygosh, hahaha. Everyone knows that I lovelove guys with deepdeep voice *imagining TOP is calling my name* GAHHH. hot much?


Monday, January 18

The other kids will die O.O


I'm watching FRED hahaha :) he's hackin awesome! OH, yeah. I'm not at school O__O that's because I'm kinda busy (??)OK, I know it's a lame excuse but what eff. yes laaa, will tell about it laterrr.

We went to this chinese sifu doctor in taipan the other day. He spoke chinese to us hahaha. Until I said "wo bu ming pai" then my mom was all like "english. no chinese. english" hahahaha.0Thank god, he knows what 'pain' *eyebrowstwitch* While my aunty was in the doctor's room with mom, I watched tv. And guess what show?? guess laa. MUSIC BANK! hahaha. So by the time I went in, the place was filled with korean music xD When we were outside again, not outside outside I mean, 2PM was performing!! kekeke. That was awesome! Tired of waiting is
. It was their goodbye stage some more D:

We went to kuala kangsar on saturday morning. MORNING you know .___. Just came home yesterday haha. It was super hot! omg like hothot! really. I wonder why those people can walk outside & not get sun-burn or darker skin. PFFT. lucky betches LOL I barely eat while I was there with mom & aunty sue. hahaha, OK that was a lie :P
and you know it :O was on facebook a lot though. I am ADDICTED so help me god! seriously. It's very tempting GAHHH . Then omegle.omegle. HAHA I seriously need a life lahhh if like this ;(

Online last night and opened up my old, old msn LOL. I mean, sorry if I have too many but I have my reasons Dx
Not many people only lahh nowadays *sobsob* oh, and found this amazing fan-made vid of 2PM's TIK TOK. It totally fits with the song. emotional, sexy and the guy is cute too! only a little awkward hahaha swt *fake laugh*

*sobsob* though I don't think I understand, but I know that this video is sad :'( it's like, she's like, wants this guy but at the same time she has to bare with her husband who obviously, is not good enough for him. And pity that dude. His in a forbidden relationship *sigh* GOD, I want to see this drama. google search *winkwink* hahaha :)

ps; add me up on facebook. I'm bored -___-


Thursday, January 14

Just You & Me Hardcore ;)

hello small world!

It's been a very busy few days for me. Not that I'm complaining & all just so you know *winkwink
My aunty Sue is here so yeahh. We walked here, walked there. OK. I'll make a list hahaha

went to klcc right after lunch :) We stopped at a bank first, to meet some peeps. Klcc was diffo because there were hardly any people were there. But I said to my mom that I'd love to work in Isetan even if they don't pay that much. Well, you know.. bishies here & there maaa xD shoes, shoes, shoes overload! waaaaaaa~ we arrived home at 6.30 PM. Dinner at Ibu's house to celebrate because my uncle who just arrived from labuan before going back there again. My favourite cousins came too :D hahaha. my favourites. I mean, there were like 11 or 12 I think. So all of them is included lol. eat, eat. american idol. LOLed while watching wipeout. That was hella fun ;) Took some pictures and they went back--awwwwwhhh :( and we went back. Slept at 11PM or something.

Went straight to Ibu's place after school. Thank God it wasn't hot! Left at 2PM to my house to change clothes. And of we went to Subang Parade :) me & aunty Sue, that is. Bought a pair of pyjama bottoms. I was like omgthehellsocuteeee!
when I saw it. So I bought it laaa. and donuts*yummmmmmm LOL went back at 5.30PM. T I R E D much?dinner at Kiwi. I didn't eat as I was like, so tired to chew hahahaha.

I don't remember that much about school though. Just the fact that I'm wayyyyy behind my homework & stuff. PFFT. And that I miss 2G'08 & 3F'09 :')

PS; Tell me something. USJ 12 or no USJ 12? hemmmm


Tuesday, January 12

We are fighting! dreamers!

Hey hello hi hi

Just came back from school. Another vair tiring day, thanks. Where to start?
OH, my bestie didn't go to school again. Super bored without her ;( Nonetheless, I kept the faith. hahahaha.
omg I'm messed up today! xD Maybe it's because I'm not eating right. Had oatmeal for breakfast. Porridge for lunch.Old people food, nothing much because of ze stupid braces. It hurts like hell! Because I just got it tighten yesterday PFFT.The colours are green & white now :D so cute!

*coughcough* School. 2 or 3(I'm not sure OK) students changed streams. So they're now in my class :)
one of them is chotto cute. chotto. Not the malay one though. He's dark but short hahahaha. :]
I just found out about the many cosplayers from my school. It's weird actually. They're like a completely diffo people in school. Who would've thought? they're awesome to keep the anime fever alive in the school. I know my fever died since don't know when xD

I'm all alone at home right now *WOOT! let's partayyyy :D* I mean. awwhhh.. pity me xP
HEH. I remembered something but then I forgot again. WOW. is this how it feels when you're gonna be a year older? muahahaha!

OK well. Suddenly I have the feeling to go & practice my winking HAHA be back when I know what to write about!



It has that kind of beat to it, you know? just makes you feel something but I have no idea how to explain it. LOL. WOOYOUNGIE!! ;D and and chansung!!

hahahaha. me out :P

Saturday, January 9

It's a secret.


So my mom was like "WTF" when she find out that I didn't go to school for the koko meeting.
I told her I registered so It's OK.Obviously she didn't listen. Instead, she went all "next time have to go you lazy ass mother@**&#^" OK, I edited the last part but what eff. HAHA. She just came back from perak, bringing My aunty Sue along *WOOT* leaving the house there empty for a while. She, my mom I mean, can't stop telling us how wonderful my cousins were. Helped with this and that blah blah. So I'm like, why are you so obssesed with them?? hahahaha. I crack myself up xD mariah carey rules!

Had dinner with Ibu's family. Half of the family, at least. KFC+Domino's burrrrppppp*
there were like 11 people I think. So of course we had to eat a lot. I downloaded like, 13 songs today. But I forgot which one hahahaha. OH, am getting familiar with ZE:A members. I have to say that I love kevin. He's effin hot! ;D
and,and siwan too! The key look-alike. and maybe kwang kee. HEEEEE. They all are so vair, vair hot, mind you. Of course a girl can't decide on only one hottie out of the nine dudes. PFFT. That would be insane!

I'm so tiredddddd today. Maybe it's because of school. But I went to school 2 days only this week lehhhh?!?!
Or the lack of drama in my life right now. K-drama I mean. OH, that reminds me, I didn't do a summary on FULL HOUSE. Other than it was a sweet, comedy show about love that I really enjoyed :)
But again, the girl that played ji-eun is soooooo lucky! *sigh. To be looking into rain's eyes and that ahmazing smile. WAAAAAA. I love you rain!!!
ㅋㅋㅋ no seriously. HAHAHA xD

SEE. Are you not jealous girls??

Dude, I sound so scary *coughcough*
It's 11.50PM now. If I don't get out of the computer soon, my mom will go all 'wtfwhyImansolazyyyyyyy' again with me. I bet -____- so toodles!


Friday, January 8

Get Jiggy!

F.cuz is here! WOOT!!

LeeU is ahdorable much!
and Yejun too! he reminds me of Yoseob of BEAST! hahaha
Kan & Jinon are such hotties. GAHHHH. But sorry to say this, I like ZE:A better than F.cuz cause well.. ZE:A's song is so addictive. And you know how I am when I'm around addicitve stuff xP
Though, it's still pretty early to decide which side I'm on kekeke

School was another a lil better than yesterday's snooze fest. I didn't have add maths, that's a plus. Instead, we sat down at the bilik wawasan to listen to some dudes talk about careers profiling. That was a blast -___-
They were from SeGi. Which, I said to Sharmine, "looks like an extended-tall version of the white house" LOL
Us form 4 kids obviously didn't respect them that much. AWWHHH. Pity them because they had to come to our school of loudness to give a speech. It was suppose to end at 10.25AM but it ended around 10.05AM since the dude got fed up with us so he just left bahaha! That's USJ 13 for yah ;) ㅋㅋㅋ!

I got all of my textbooks so I'm pretty tired now. OH, that was another challenge. Me & Icha missed recess because the teachers were so slow PERGHH. But the funny thing was, I forgot to take my Agama book HAHAHA. So I had to go back and searched for it. That shows how much I'm into agama studies :D That reminds me! In history right..
I seriously don't get why non-muslim students have to learn about how muslim peeps got here way back when.
I mean, racist much?? Even I can't take the 4-5 topics about old people getting here by boat blah blah blah.
I pity them weiyhh. Like, isn't World history much more important?? What sort of people are controlling the SPM SPM syllabus? Stupid malays, I tell you. No offence, but I don't think it's fair to the non-muslims. And to me of course *sighsigh*

OK, well. I need my kitty nap now

Thursday, January 7

Wish you could go back


Today was a tiring day, as always. But it was extra tiring because I went to school for the first time in 2010.
So many strangers, I felt like I'm the new student all over again. I mean, we have juniors now! WOOT!
It's not all that fun though. Hell, I was effing sleepy in class. ZZZ

Class. More strangers. Weird. Only three of us 3F's are in 4D this year. Me & 2 dudes WAAAAA~
And many, many malays lah. It's so alien to be hearing malay language all-day long in class since I'm so familiar with mandarin being the first language spoken in class. PFFT-___-

I don't even recognize the teachers who are going to teach us. Thank god I know some girls from last year's PE class. They helped :) OH, Icha is not in the same class though >:( that sucks. But we still go to recess together which is good considering she'll be going to USJ4 soon. aww I'm so gonna miss her!

I'm bored now. Like, really bored. Because for the past 3 nights or so all I've been doing is hanging with my cousins. You know, play around, walk here walk there sleep hahahaa.
They're awesome! Just imagine, we didn't need to watch TV to have fun. I know right? xD
MISS YOU GUYS ;( Don't grow up too fast la kay? :)

I don't want your dirty cash yo! omg I love you GD!!----total randomness :D


ZE:A- Mazeltov MV

They're sexayyyy ;) I swear one of them looks like KEY haha! The song is like, yeah.. sexy! and addictive.
And, and I can't wait for F.cuz's MV tomorrow :DD


Wednesday, January 6

I want nobody but you ;

I am finally back! WOO HOO ;)

The reason for my not-being-here is that my grandma passed away on saturday evening at 4.15PM.
So we rushed back right after hearing the news. That was when I was really enjoying myself watching the full house marathon. No biggie. Reached there at 7 somethingsomething. I really don't want to write about it. Really, it's painful.

Eventhough my grandma just passed, I have to say this past 5 days has been awesome!
One of the best, no, THE best vacation everrrr!! Goshh, I have no idea where to begin. I mean, all of my cuzzies were there. [Minus three dudes] The best food were served, the best time at the lake. *sigh* I feel like a kid again. hahahaha.

laugh, laugh, laugh, FULL HOUSE ;)

More laughing, sleep at don't know what time, Eat, Lake :D FULL HOUSE last ep awww :[

Dad went back, laugh, sleep a lot etc ^___^

Laugh, eat, FRED, lake again before going home with Ibu leaving mummy there. I miss them already ;(

My summary is a bit off & 100% bogus, I know. But that's all I can remember. I'm still vair tired from all that laughing & playing xD But we did took a few pics, OK, A lot of pics to remember from. By 'we' I mean them as in my cuzzies. They're going back to Arab soon so yeahh.. *sighsighsigh* have no idea when we'll meet again. LOL

OH, I'm going to school tomorrow. Which sucks. HAHAHAHA-____- Still, have no idea whether USJ12 is going to accept me or not. They're effing slow, it's annoying. People are already having a bad time with their homework. GAHHHH. Just hope everything works out *wink*

PS; I love you. hahahhahaha. Just watched it last night kekeke ;P I'm so hyper right now, have no idea why! HEEEEE


Saturday, January 2

Ze new year day

hi hi :D

010110 has been a lovely day :] All I've been doing is tv, online, tv, toilet. once. and tv :D weeeee
It was fun, watching full house with mom all day. They were brodcasting 5 hours of good Rain TV. So I was spazzed HAHA. It's my mom's fault actually. I told her to change the channel, being a nice daughter and all *winkwink*
So I used the computer for a while. An hour later, I check on mom. She was still watching the show. ohmygod she was really into the show! hahahaha, that's awesome! So we continued watching la. My bladder was mad at me but hell, it's RAIN. And a marathon with limited commercials. So I had to. Sorry~kekeke

Watching full house with RAIN being younger and made me feel like I'm watching Junho acting! hahaha.Goshh, that's a plus fer sure! And the girl, Ji-eun in the drama is the luckiest girl alive! I swear.She was all touchy-talky & all those nice stuff with RAIN. THE RAIN. hahahaha *fangirl squel!*

KBS gonna have the marathon tomorrow too! cannot wait! hahaha :)

awww see what I mean?!?!

haha, but because of this new-year-day special, they didn't show music bank :(
So I watched today's ep on youtube. God bless youtube HAHA
My fav song of 2PM's album is tired of waiting. Which was exactly what they performed just now! kekeke

OMONA! they're sexier and a bit emo-er but still hot ;)

Wooyoung is looking mighty hotter nowadays!
Or maybe it's just tired. I'm not sure. They all look tired though :l *sigh*
2PM fighting!!