Saturday, December 5

When Cold Tears Turn To Hot Blood

Hey! It's been a while, I know.

The thing is, my pc broke down and left the world bringing my hothot pics, pokemon games, cs down with it. And it's still broke. Freaky thing. I wanna like, just punch it's big monitor PERGHHH. The laptops are nicely being use. My dad is so stingy cause this is like, the first time I use in 3 days *sigh

My granny is in the hospital. KPJ Ipoh I might add. We just went there yesterday and will be going again on wednesday. Ipoh ain't that bad. With all the bishies going around, I may go to Ipoh Jaya Jusco more often ;)
OH, I also met 2 of my long-lost cuzzies at ze hospital. and also my uncle & untie. Goshh I MISS THEM!!!
They've changed :') Seems like going to an international school in arab is a good thing.LOL

But for what ever it's worth; YES, I am pretty down. The world is now upside down and it's making me feel like I'm dying or something. Vair vair upset for pfft everything!
The only thing that's making me smile right now is Troy's ahmazing smile in HSM 3
Which btw just premiered on Disney just now. HHA, I can't believe I spent 2 hours watching that-.-""

also CORBY!!! I forgot about that. Like, we went to Tropicana city mall today and I grabbed a corby brochure from samsung. and OHMGAHH it's cheap!!
Only RM699? totally under my expectations. And it's uberly cute too! and and 2PM is endorsing it in korea.
Dang I WANT IT! Even if it means making a hole in my already hole-much wallet. Just watch the MV teaser. I'm thinking about getting the yellow one :)

wooyoung is LOVE! :D Chansung too! KYAAAA!!! *fangirl squel

On the other side, I've a lot of kpop news but I have no time to write about all of it since my papa is waiting for the presence of this laptop on the table downstairs -___-

I wish for a christmas miracle if this has to carry on.

if you're reading this, HAPPY SWEET 15th SYAZA MUNIRAH :)

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