Tuesday, December 15

Tic Toc

Hey hi ♥s

I'm at the kpj hospital in Ipoh. Yes I-P-O-H. I totally love this place!
I mean, lots of bishies much?*super drools
dangg, wish I could live here HAHA
anyways, my granny is admitted because she's gonna operate *insert stuff here* soon.
So yeah, still won't be oline for a while. Now I can while my dad is in Jusco-.- stupid, he left me here when he knows I rather be in a hotter place instead of this freezing prison *sigh*
thank god I have my 2 little cuzzies here :)
and my bro. my other cuzzies are arriving tomolo I guess. hopefully. Cause I'm really tired of being the oldest kid here xD

The hospital food is nice though. I was like "why didn't I got admitted here last time??" LOL
berr I'm freezing. The hoodie ain't helping but
chips more seem to keep me warm.
Chips more as in the cookies not the other thing ok?

OH, mystery vs G.O.O.D love was awesome! I totally love the dance for BEAST's song.
It's like spin,spin and stuff. Gawd, I know I'm talking crap. Just watch
G.O's hair is longer :D love it!♥
And at the end of the show, where 2PM won the mutizen again ;)
taec was wearing the cutest paw ever singing "bo beep" HAHA
and soo hyun! omg he's such a dork xD damn it I love him!!

oh hell, here's the vid to let explain the hell I'm saying

Sorry I haven't found the url for MBLAQ's performance. I guess it got deleted.
Youtube is so so cruel sometimes!-____-

OK,I'll sleep now because Baby here is sleeping and she's making me sleepy lol


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