Saturday, December 26

Tell, tell, tell me something I don't know

like it? our christmas tree for this year xD

First of all, merry christmas everyone! Though it's already boxing day. I didn't have the time actually. Been busy watching the christmas movie marathon haha :)

Let's see.. A quick guide to what's been happening.
My pmr result day. That was a busy day huh? my result OK-OK lorhh.. Everybody called that afternoon. It was so annoying! Wrong numbers also called me-.- So I told everyone my phone was out of battery. shoot, I need to reply them. he..he.. they'll know xD
Spent christmas at home except for dinner. Where we went out to usj11 behind behind there HAHA
Slept at 3AM yesterday. ohmygosh I can't sleep la.. like, too tired to sleep. Like owl city's lyrics hahaha

Watched beverly hills chihuahua on star movies this morning with mom & bro. gawdd, the movie is ridiculous!
I mean, chanel no 5 on a dog who barely goes clubbing and stuff. pergghh lucky betch. Then, I watched another cinderella story again. This time with my bro hahahahaha. It was fun :) joey parker is not that hot though. Are they blind? hahahaha.

Just finish crying off another chinese movie called secret. It was awesome. Like, really. the music, people, emotions.
Who wouldn't cry? And I swear jay chou's fingers are aliens. Really. They move like slimy creatures, it's incredible! And the girl, xiou yu, played by lummei kwai, is so pretty. Her fingers move like aliens too. I wish to be like her.
Knowing I'm already in the 8th grade, I should be like that ahhaha. The story is so sweet! I can't describe it.
It's a bit confusing though, at first. But then, they'll clear it out for you. How she found the secret.
Why Lun was dancing by himself and the party. How she left him without a clue. Really sweet plot!
My mom said "Iman, you really like mushy, mushy love stories huh?" when she saw me wathcing the movie.
I was like, "yeahh.. like duh!" hahahaha.I remember the day it was released at the cinemas. I wanted to go like reallyreally wanna go.But no one will go with meh, as always. Like now, still waiting for someone who'll go watch ninja assasin with me *sigh

listening to the old memory card of mine. It's hectic to have 3 memory cards. But anything for music huh?
Going to make tea now, nitenite kiddies!


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