Thursday, December 17

She smiled

hi strangers~

I'm back in subang! HEEE
On the way back yesterday, we stopped by tanjung malim to get some coffee since my dad is sleepy and stuff.
It was a really diffo scene. Everywhere I look there must be food. Food with people eating it.
Malay people. HAHA. Seriously! What meals are they having at 5.00PM?? I just held back my laugh and smiled xD
*sigh* OH,I got some ahmazingly disturbingly good pau(s)from abang Mas :)
hha, it's not that. I remember his name cause the lady there can't stop saying his name in front of me.
Have no idea why she was like "HAH, ni nama dia Abang Mas" and looked at me & smiled. I was like "OK" & looked ever so clueless. And she went on saying stuff I can't really hear because I was looking somewhere else.
Well, that was weird. I swear his ears went red and not to mention his lips. HAHA,scratch that.

Anyways, we have new neighbours WOOT! A chinese family to be exact. Nerdish & no cuties ;(
2 girls & one guy & parents. The children look around my age but I don't know.
They haven't move in yet.
Renovation is still going on and it's noisy. Like noisy NOISY.
Freaking can't get my beauty nap in the evening-.-
But one of the construction guys are cute hahahahahaa

awww wouldn't it be great if Ga-in & Kwonnie be real couple? they fit each other so well :)
even when singing this song ;

It's call "We fell in love"
ow I miss love *sighsighsigh* what's love anyway?

mother shall return from ze hospital tomorrow. She's got work & so so tired with granny's way of living.
I mean, who isn't??ridiculous old woman. Don't even know how to explain her. But I don't blame her. She's old d. We just have to keep shouting at her so that she realize that we mean bussiness. With a capital ohmygod, shut up!!
HAHAHA,I'm so mean! But when I get mad at her, she'll stop whinning so it's a great & effective tactic actually :D
LMAO. but really. Don't shout that loud in a Ipoh hospital. They might put you in tanjung rambutan or something :P

P.S ; 16th of December marks the 100th day of Jay's departure from 2PM. HOTTESTs everywhere are praying for Jay's successful & happy life in Seattle including me :)

p.s.s ; T-ara better get their hands & paws from my MBLAQ! RAWRR ;]


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