Wednesday, December 23

Room 411

hey there :)

We've done the back-to-school shopping. Minus my school books because I'm still not sure about moving and stuff.__.
And tomorrow. The day of the pmr results are coming out. To be frank, I don't feel anything.
Totally diffo from my friends, who are without a doubt, freaking out. Not knowing about how many A's did they managed to snag. Whether they've passed or failed. While me, chilling out & enjoying the christmas season like I'm gonna celebrate it. hahahaha. Maybe it's because I'm used to dissapoinment, you know?
Having high hopes for the things that are nearly impossible to get. But still, you wish to be happy so you hope.
When it turns into dark failure, you'll be dissaponted. Heart-broken. YES, I'm used to it. I know how it feels.
So it'll be alright :) *crossing my fingers*

OH, omg I totally forgot. I wanted to write about this ahmazing new drama I discovered last night.
While watching Another cinderella story, as in starring selena gomez, It was a frustrating show so I gave up. I turned to channel 303 KBS WORLD instead. It was not the queen returns showing.
I should know, because I pratically live by that channel HAHA
The new show, taming of the heir is ridiculously funny! like, omg! and the leading actor is so,so cute! I drooled xD

Later, when I searched on asianmediawiki *wink* I found out that on dal-woo is actually played by hyun wu-ji!
That dude from old miss diary I watched from way back when. HAHAHAHA. No wonder he's effing cute & hot & funny and and! *drools* The plot is rather nice too. About a stubborn girl who meet many challenges after the death of his dad, a golf course designer. The same golf course that the cute dude gonna inherit. OK, I don't remember his name. But hell, I can't wait for next week! KYAAAAA!!

So in the end, I didnt watch the ending for selena's movie *sigh.oh well xP
OK, I need to be going now. Reversal of fate will be on, another drama I can't manage to miss ;D


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