Tuesday, December 1


It's 10.40 in the morning. Yes, I'm such a dear to be wide awake at this time. Well, I woke up pretty much earlier than you (PFFT just a guess ;P) We sent my bro to the nst thingy so yeahh. Today was the last day for him. Hoorah!

Anyway, I got back and like duhh! opened ALLKPOP to find that us MBLAQ FANS are now call "A-PLUS"
I know, it's kinda weird but hell, it's sooo cute! ain't it? maybe a bit?
The reason behind it may be because all of them have the same type of blood which is 'A' . bahaha
Gawdd, I just wish I have blood type A. Instead, I have B -.- so close, yet so far.
So we're like MBLAQ's blood now! aww.. that's like super sweet!

Haha, I remember that in art of seduction, Joon was like "You have eyes like a b dudee" and GO was like "I do?8)"
lol,they are so cute! waaaa *fangirl squels* xD
I mean, even I have no idea how B eyes look like. Joon's a genius I tell you! The hottest genius!
Other than einstein MIR la, who is also vair hot. HEEE

On the other side, my side that is. I'm going to sunway later. So I guess will be updating about that in like this week I guess rofl xP I hope there's not too many people at the movies cause I wanna watch New Moon damn it!!
like, rite now!


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