Tuesday, December 1

It's lovestruck, Gorg

I just came back from a vair, vair tiring day at the mall with Atiqah. I had lunch with my dad before that at a new sushi joint call Tokyo G. Great food and even greater prices. I mean, thank god I didn't pay HAHA.

Met Tiqa at the entrance & started walking. Well, you know. AND OMG. Double OMG. Maybe even OMG time millions when an unexpected thunder striked me. Because after coming down from the elevator, I saw this cute little dessert stand right beside the shop we were planinng to go into, the face shop. "OK" I said
"We're totally gonna go there & get some ice-cream or something"

Closer, closer we got to the stand. The closer I see this dude. This dude has this very familiar hair cut from the back view. I should know because I've always love that haircut. Layered, nicely cut and always gatsby commercial-like. Finally, we reached the store. It took forever seeing I have my eyes on the back of someone's head. As I thought. When I saw his face, looking down at the ice-cream he was putting for the customers in front of him, it strucked me.
I KNOW THIS DUDE! aha, yea. It's my ex-dude. I seriously tried not to make eye contact with him the whole time we were in the store.

Freaking out, I told Tiqa. She was like "OMG, where??" with that
'I-soo-wanna-kill-him-look'. She was suprised when she saw him. She said "Ohh that's him" . I was like "yeahh.." still,very much freaking out. Gawdd, my heart was even racing. It was weird. I am so totally over him! I told myslef over & over. But, with much excitement going through my heart that very moment I forgot about all of that. The o v e r thing. I just remember that he's the dude that I know & well, know. We didn't even look twice at the stuff there. Too busy freaking effing out. PFFT. Got ready to get out as soon as there were no customers for him to serve.

Bish, great timing. I looked around while we were walking out of the shop like nothing will go worse. I looked at him with my face all blurry & again, no eye contact. It will be so awkward! He looked at us with a grin. Heh, a sexayy one that was! As we were leaving, tiqa looked back. Well, you know to get a clear look on this cutie and I asked "He's still looking at us?" Tiqa answered with a "Hemm.. yeah" We giggled & I told her how freaked out I was.
But wow. Honestly, if we are going to get back together.. We'll be a cuter couple that's for sure!
I mean, someone's been working out ;) Those collar-bones really just screamed RAWWR. With double the hotness♥
BLAH, I have no idea why I'm writing all of this in my blog. Maybe I'm still, very much freaking out I guess.
But that cannot be, can it?

Me & Tiqa took some purikura's pics. You know.. that japanese photo booth that let us deco & stuff. Tonnes of bishies & ullzangs. Like duhh it's sunway! but wat eff. Shopped, ice-cream, asian avenue times 7894535 & went home with a U63 bus after I refuse to get on a mini bus, that is. HAHA. 30 mins and we arrived across the street. and TA-DAH I'm here :D OH, we didn't have time for a movie and I'm pretty sure there's no ticket left anyway.
So Edward & Rain.. please wait!!

much love♥

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