Wednesday, December 30

I have a crush on you

Hellothereprettyguysandgirlsbutmostlyguyshaha ;)

The big pc is back. ohmygod, I died waiting. ohmygod times 2, I missed a lot of performance >:(
The SBS Gayo Daejun I mean. I was out today, didn't have time to watch it laa..
Thank God, there's this amazing thing call the technology :D

Since I'm waiting for the youtube vid to buffer, Imma tell you about my day *smile smile*
Woke up pretty early today. 8.30 am. have no idea why though but my dad woke me up kekeke.
OH wait, I know. It was because we sent my mum to SS15 at 10 in the morning. Yeah, when the birds ain't up yet.
In my town at least. OK,OK. We hanged at Subang parade for a while. Came back and watched Ugly Betty :D
Lunch was super. Korean ramen which contains 550 calories. That's like half of my intake for a day!?
Whatever. Picked up my mom at SS15 and off we went to Shah alam de hospital. I forgot what was the name of the place but I do know that I was the only korean/jap/chinese there hahahaha. Other than my mom & bro of course.
I mean HALLO? Malay much?? No offense though HEEEE.

Fyi, it's not because of me this time. My mom checked something. We just strolled along *winkwink*
Coffee bean, Speedy at the what plaza I can't remember. But it was so, so hot! The weather. I even bought a 5 ringgit small sun block. Just to make sure my face is protected 24/7. hahahaha.
and, -100% bishie there pfft!

Wow the vid is so slow so I'm gonna write slower. Like you'd know hahahahahaha
I'm soo funny!

OH, took some pic with my red hair which is now black again. Will post it up later ;)
And dinner. Water. That's all I guess. I watched like half of the movie, baby mama. It was cutee :)
until Carl came and ruin everything pergghhh.___.

Anyway, does everyone know about ZE:A? was known as child of empire. Controversy around the band has not disgrace them. yet. And, and F.Cuz. Mark 7th & 8th of January as 'awesome cute boys will burn your heart' on your calender cause well, they're awesome, cute boys who sing! Not those wannabeees in american idol or malaysian idol or ehmm.. do they have your idol yet? xD

I've read a lot of kpop news. Have no idea where to start so I'm not gonna start. Read at allkpop people!
They're totally awesome :)

PS; Today is the eve of new year's eve! have yourself a happy glass of wine y'all :D
Not the muslim peeps laa HAHA


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