Thursday, December 31

Do you remember ?

H-e-l-l-o :)

Today is the 31st of december, 2009. It's the last day of the year for those who have been sleeping in a cave hahaha. But it's still the 30th on the
other side of the world LOL

We as in me & family went to KLCC today. With only one purpose, that is to find books at kinokuniya for my dad.
Knowing who we are, or rather who I am, we went to several places. Bottom line is, I got me some shoes foo!
hahahaha. And ohmygod that was! The place was pratically packed with girls who wants vincci shoes with discounts. Including me and my mom hehehehe. I got a brown gladiator :) It's so.. cute!GRRR. I have no other word to describe it. Then, went inside topshop for a while. The season doesn't offer much new style but the indoor-boots were so cute! They're like little snow boots, with cute colours only to be worn inside because they're so delicate.

OK, so that's when we went for lunch. California pizza place thingy were full. As my dad say "apps only" LOL
The penang place were full too! It was already 1.20PM. Go figure. Walk, walk, walk and found a korean place.
I examined the name for a while and realized that I know that word! the first word that is. 'K' and the second letter being an 'N' Put them together and you'll get 'KO' Wow, I can read korean now! total genius woot! hahahaha
Went inside and had a feast! really.I ate Ddok Buggi. Remembering it was said a few times in 2PM's Wild bunny hahahaha. But I totally forgot who said it. Chansung? maybe. It was heaven. The food there.

After lunch, we strolled to Kinokuniya. Finally went in there kekeke. And finally I bought Kiss of life, the Uk version. *sigh* the cheaper one laa. I can't wait for the US version to pop on the shelves so I bought that one instead.
Another mandarin-self-help book and 2 Malay comics. 1Malaysia yo!*wink
Walk into world of sports where bro bought a pair of football boots. He bought the white ones since I said it was cuter. hahahahha. I seriously need new vocabs. Went back home. It was a really tiring day. A great way to spend the last day huh?

That reminds me, I need new year revelations. The last one is gonna expire at 12 am tonight. HAHA.

2009 has been an uber-fantastic year. Many things has happened that help me be more mature inside and out.
And I do mean many good things and some bad *wink* xD
I learned that life is too short to not be living. Take risks, have fun. Haha, goshh.. I'm writing like I'm dying or something hahahaha. *cough cough* With the year ending, many people will regret about some things they have done, many will simply let go of it. Whatever group you belong into, just remember time will not turn. It will move forward. The other forward where backward doesn't exist.


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