Sunday, December 20

The bells will be ringing

5 days more...

haha I have no idea why I'm even counting the days till christmas. I mean, I don't even celebrate it. But nobody can deny christmas time is always jolly & happy & stuff. So I try to be in the mood, you know?

Went to subang parade. Found the cutest hoodie at voir! It was stripy, dark blue with kinda white-ish colour. And some details that I can't really recall. Didn't buy it though because I did not bring money-.-
I told my mom that "it's winter on the other side of the world so I need winter clothes like the hoodie"
she just nod so I guess that's a yes?HAHA
I went on mentioning snow boots, gloves, new tops, shorts. Oops! they don't wear shorts during winter don't they?
she just laughed. heh, I feel like a 12 year-old xD
Oh, this was after she came home from ipoh. But we're still going to ipoh tommorow. See we're so good leh?? lol
Coming back here on tuesday just in time for the ugly betty season premiere on star world. hahahaha. I'm so gonna miss desperate housewives :'(

nothing much happened yesterday. A great day today. I mean, it's not hot and not raining either.
You know what I call days like this? A sleep-the-whole-day-through-day :D
haha, don't forget to wash your feet first though hahahahahaa
damn. I crack myself up. Even my long & lean fingernails are laughing. LOL


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