Thursday, December 31

Do you remember ?

H-e-l-l-o :)

Today is the 31st of december, 2009. It's the last day of the year for those who have been sleeping in a cave hahaha. But it's still the 30th on the
other side of the world LOL

We as in me & family went to KLCC today. With only one purpose, that is to find books at kinokuniya for my dad.
Knowing who we are, or rather who I am, we went to several places. Bottom line is, I got me some shoes foo!
hahahaha. And ohmygod that was! The place was pratically packed with girls who wants vincci shoes with discounts. Including me and my mom hehehehe. I got a brown gladiator :) It's so.. cute!GRRR. I have no other word to describe it. Then, went inside topshop for a while. The season doesn't offer much new style but the indoor-boots were so cute! They're like little snow boots, with cute colours only to be worn inside because they're so delicate.

OK, so that's when we went for lunch. California pizza place thingy were full. As my dad say "apps only" LOL
The penang place were full too! It was already 1.20PM. Go figure. Walk, walk, walk and found a korean place.
I examined the name for a while and realized that I know that word! the first word that is. 'K' and the second letter being an 'N' Put them together and you'll get 'KO' Wow, I can read korean now! total genius woot! hahahaha
Went inside and had a feast! really.I ate Ddok Buggi. Remembering it was said a few times in 2PM's Wild bunny hahahaha. But I totally forgot who said it. Chansung? maybe. It was heaven. The food there.

After lunch, we strolled to Kinokuniya. Finally went in there kekeke. And finally I bought Kiss of life, the Uk version. *sigh* the cheaper one laa. I can't wait for the US version to pop on the shelves so I bought that one instead.
Another mandarin-self-help book and 2 Malay comics. 1Malaysia yo!*wink
Walk into world of sports where bro bought a pair of football boots. He bought the white ones since I said it was cuter. hahahahha. I seriously need new vocabs. Went back home. It was a really tiring day. A great way to spend the last day huh?

That reminds me, I need new year revelations. The last one is gonna expire at 12 am tonight. HAHA.

2009 has been an uber-fantastic year. Many things has happened that help me be more mature inside and out.
And I do mean many good things and some bad *wink* xD
I learned that life is too short to not be living. Take risks, have fun. Haha, goshh.. I'm writing like I'm dying or something hahahaha. *cough cough* With the year ending, many people will regret about some things they have done, many will simply let go of it. Whatever group you belong into, just remember time will not turn. It will move forward. The other forward where backward doesn't exist.


Studded words

It's the last day of 2009 and what is a last day without any music?
SBS GAYO DAEJUN, KBS GAYO DAEJUN has been EPIC this year! *woot!
watching MBC's GAYO DAEJUN and it looks like it's rocking too kekeke ;)

Words can do so much, so I've put up some of my fav performances. Check, check check it out!


note: I love chansung!! hahaha


sleek moves huh?*winkwink


Love this song!

Now for the KBS GAYO DAEJUN FAVs :)



note: I seriously am addicted to tired of waiting!

Some of the other vids are not on youtube. So I can't post all of my favs here :(
It's all uploaded in some korean site which, I obviously don't have a clue how to use it -.-"
So, Imma go now and maybe come back later to update on my life hahaha


Forgot to wish u haha

hahaha, omg omg! wooyoung is freakin adorable!!


and and taec with the weights xD
OMG I cannot stop laughing! for reals!
chansung!! *fangirl squel* hahaha
Junho is so bubbly kekeke
oh! and junsu with the hot water hahahaha
omg I wonder how I'll sleep tonight!


Wednesday, December 30

I have a crush on you

Hellothereprettyguysandgirlsbutmostlyguyshaha ;)

The big pc is back. ohmygod, I died waiting. ohmygod times 2, I missed a lot of performance >:(
The SBS Gayo Daejun I mean. I was out today, didn't have time to watch it laa..
Thank God, there's this amazing thing call the technology :D

Since I'm waiting for the youtube vid to buffer, Imma tell you about my day *smile smile*
Woke up pretty early today. 8.30 am. have no idea why though but my dad woke me up kekeke.
OH wait, I know. It was because we sent my mum to SS15 at 10 in the morning. Yeah, when the birds ain't up yet.
In my town at least. OK,OK. We hanged at Subang parade for a while. Came back and watched Ugly Betty :D
Lunch was super. Korean ramen which contains 550 calories. That's like half of my intake for a day!?
Whatever. Picked up my mom at SS15 and off we went to Shah alam de hospital. I forgot what was the name of the place but I do know that I was the only korean/jap/chinese there hahahaha. Other than my mom & bro of course.
I mean HALLO? Malay much?? No offense though HEEEE.

Fyi, it's not because of me this time. My mom checked something. We just strolled along *winkwink*
Coffee bean, Speedy at the what plaza I can't remember. But it was so, so hot! The weather. I even bought a 5 ringgit small sun block. Just to make sure my face is protected 24/7. hahahaha.
and, -100% bishie there pfft!

Wow the vid is so slow so I'm gonna write slower. Like you'd know hahahahahaha
I'm soo funny!

OH, took some pic with my red hair which is now black again. Will post it up later ;)
And dinner. Water. That's all I guess. I watched like half of the movie, baby mama. It was cutee :)
until Carl came and ruin everything pergghhh.___.

Anyway, does everyone know about ZE:A? was known as child of empire. Controversy around the band has not disgrace them. yet. And, and F.Cuz. Mark 7th & 8th of January as 'awesome cute boys will burn your heart' on your calender cause well, they're awesome, cute boys who sing! Not those wannabeees in american idol or malaysian idol or ehmm.. do they have your idol yet? xD

I've read a lot of kpop news. Have no idea where to start so I'm not gonna start. Read at allkpop people!
They're totally awesome :)

PS; Today is the eve of new year's eve! have yourself a happy glass of wine y'all :D
Not the muslim peeps laa HAHA


Saturday, December 26

Tell, tell, tell me something I don't know

like it? our christmas tree for this year xD

First of all, merry christmas everyone! Though it's already boxing day. I didn't have the time actually. Been busy watching the christmas movie marathon haha :)

Let's see.. A quick guide to what's been happening.
My pmr result day. That was a busy day huh? my result OK-OK lorhh.. Everybody called that afternoon. It was so annoying! Wrong numbers also called me-.- So I told everyone my phone was out of battery. shoot, I need to reply them. he..he.. they'll know xD
Spent christmas at home except for dinner. Where we went out to usj11 behind behind there HAHA
Slept at 3AM yesterday. ohmygosh I can't sleep la.. like, too tired to sleep. Like owl city's lyrics hahaha

Watched beverly hills chihuahua on star movies this morning with mom & bro. gawdd, the movie is ridiculous!
I mean, chanel no 5 on a dog who barely goes clubbing and stuff. pergghh lucky betch. Then, I watched another cinderella story again. This time with my bro hahahahaha. It was fun :) joey parker is not that hot though. Are they blind? hahahaha.

Just finish crying off another chinese movie called secret. It was awesome. Like, really. the music, people, emotions.
Who wouldn't cry? And I swear jay chou's fingers are aliens. Really. They move like slimy creatures, it's incredible! And the girl, xiou yu, played by lummei kwai, is so pretty. Her fingers move like aliens too. I wish to be like her.
Knowing I'm already in the 8th grade, I should be like that ahhaha. The story is so sweet! I can't describe it.
It's a bit confusing though, at first. But then, they'll clear it out for you. How she found the secret.
Why Lun was dancing by himself and the party. How she left him without a clue. Really sweet plot!
My mom said "Iman, you really like mushy, mushy love stories huh?" when she saw me wathcing the movie.
I was like, "yeahh.. like duh!" hahahaha.I remember the day it was released at the cinemas. I wanted to go like reallyreally wanna go.But no one will go with meh, as always. Like now, still waiting for someone who'll go watch ninja assasin with me *sigh

listening to the old memory card of mine. It's hectic to have 3 memory cards. But anything for music huh?
Going to make tea now, nitenite kiddies!


Wednesday, December 23

Room 411

hey there :)

We've done the back-to-school shopping. Minus my school books because I'm still not sure about moving and stuff.__.
And tomorrow. The day of the pmr results are coming out. To be frank, I don't feel anything.
Totally diffo from my friends, who are without a doubt, freaking out. Not knowing about how many A's did they managed to snag. Whether they've passed or failed. While me, chilling out & enjoying the christmas season like I'm gonna celebrate it. hahahaha. Maybe it's because I'm used to dissapoinment, you know?
Having high hopes for the things that are nearly impossible to get. But still, you wish to be happy so you hope.
When it turns into dark failure, you'll be dissaponted. Heart-broken. YES, I'm used to it. I know how it feels.
So it'll be alright :) *crossing my fingers*

OH, omg I totally forgot. I wanted to write about this ahmazing new drama I discovered last night.
While watching Another cinderella story, as in starring selena gomez, It was a frustrating show so I gave up. I turned to channel 303 KBS WORLD instead. It was not the queen returns showing.
I should know, because I pratically live by that channel HAHA
The new show, taming of the heir is ridiculously funny! like, omg! and the leading actor is so,so cute! I drooled xD

Later, when I searched on asianmediawiki *wink* I found out that on dal-woo is actually played by hyun wu-ji!
That dude from old miss diary I watched from way back when. HAHAHAHA. No wonder he's effing cute & hot & funny and and! *drools* The plot is rather nice too. About a stubborn girl who meet many challenges after the death of his dad, a golf course designer. The same golf course that the cute dude gonna inherit. OK, I don't remember his name. But hell, I can't wait for next week! KYAAAAA!!

So in the end, I didnt watch the ending for selena's movie *sigh.oh well xP
OK, I need to be going now. Reversal of fate will be on, another drama I can't manage to miss ;D


Sunday, December 20



OMG! hahahahahaa
they're in chipmunks xD
chansung's rap was awesome!
and,and wooyoung's too!
AHAHAHAHA OMG!I can't stop laughing!
the chorus too
"Listen to my heartbeat! (It's waiting for you *cough)*"
nickhun's rap was the bomb!
"Stop nehgeblahblah comin! blahblahdgdih movin!"
hahahhahahha dudeeee!! I even downloaded it! LOL
the crazy fangirl who did this is brilliant :)

The bells will be ringing

5 days more...

haha I have no idea why I'm even counting the days till christmas. I mean, I don't even celebrate it. But nobody can deny christmas time is always jolly & happy & stuff. So I try to be in the mood, you know?

Went to subang parade. Found the cutest hoodie at voir! It was stripy, dark blue with kinda white-ish colour. And some details that I can't really recall. Didn't buy it though because I did not bring money-.-
I told my mom that "it's winter on the other side of the world so I need winter clothes like the hoodie"
she just nod so I guess that's a yes?HAHA
I went on mentioning snow boots, gloves, new tops, shorts. Oops! they don't wear shorts during winter don't they?
she just laughed. heh, I feel like a 12 year-old xD
Oh, this was after she came home from ipoh. But we're still going to ipoh tommorow. See we're so good leh?? lol
Coming back here on tuesday just in time for the ugly betty season premiere on star world. hahahaha. I'm so gonna miss desperate housewives :'(

nothing much happened yesterday. A great day today. I mean, it's not hot and not raining either.
You know what I call days like this? A sleep-the-whole-day-through-day :D
haha, don't forget to wash your feet first though hahahahahaa
damn. I crack myself up. Even my long & lean fingernails are laughing. LOL


Friday, December 18

sexy siggy xD

hahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahhahahaha xD


Gawd, I'm tearing up hahahahaahahahaa

Thursday, December 17

She smiled

hi strangers~

I'm back in subang! HEEE
On the way back yesterday, we stopped by tanjung malim to get some coffee since my dad is sleepy and stuff.
It was a really diffo scene. Everywhere I look there must be food. Food with people eating it.
Malay people. HAHA. Seriously! What meals are they having at 5.00PM?? I just held back my laugh and smiled xD
*sigh* OH,I got some ahmazingly disturbingly good pau(s)from abang Mas :)
hha, it's not that. I remember his name cause the lady there can't stop saying his name in front of me.
Have no idea why she was like "HAH, ni nama dia Abang Mas" and looked at me & smiled. I was like "OK" & looked ever so clueless. And she went on saying stuff I can't really hear because I was looking somewhere else.
Well, that was weird. I swear his ears went red and not to mention his lips. HAHA,scratch that.

Anyways, we have new neighbours WOOT! A chinese family to be exact. Nerdish & no cuties ;(
2 girls & one guy & parents. The children look around my age but I don't know.
They haven't move in yet.
Renovation is still going on and it's noisy. Like noisy NOISY.
Freaking can't get my beauty nap in the evening-.-
But one of the construction guys are cute hahahahahaa

awww wouldn't it be great if Ga-in & Kwonnie be real couple? they fit each other so well :)
even when singing this song ;

It's call "We fell in love"
ow I miss love *sighsighsigh* what's love anyway?

mother shall return from ze hospital tomorrow. She's got work & so so tired with granny's way of living.
I mean, who isn't??ridiculous old woman. Don't even know how to explain her. But I don't blame her. She's old d. We just have to keep shouting at her so that she realize that we mean bussiness. With a capital ohmygod, shut up!!
HAHAHA,I'm so mean! But when I get mad at her, she'll stop whinning so it's a great & effective tactic actually :D
LMAO. but really. Don't shout that loud in a Ipoh hospital. They might put you in tanjung rambutan or something :P

P.S ; 16th of December marks the 100th day of Jay's departure from 2PM. HOTTESTs everywhere are praying for Jay's successful & happy life in Seattle including me :)

p.s.s ; T-ara better get their hands & paws from my MBLAQ! RAWRR ;]


Tuesday, December 15

Tic Toc

Hey hi ♥s

I'm at the kpj hospital in Ipoh. Yes I-P-O-H. I totally love this place!
I mean, lots of bishies much?*super drools
dangg, wish I could live here HAHA
anyways, my granny is admitted because she's gonna operate *insert stuff here* soon.
So yeah, still won't be oline for a while. Now I can while my dad is in Jusco-.- stupid, he left me here when he knows I rather be in a hotter place instead of this freezing prison *sigh*
thank god I have my 2 little cuzzies here :)
and my bro. my other cuzzies are arriving tomolo I guess. hopefully. Cause I'm really tired of being the oldest kid here xD

The hospital food is nice though. I was like "why didn't I got admitted here last time??" LOL
berr I'm freezing. The hoodie ain't helping but
chips more seem to keep me warm.
Chips more as in the cookies not the other thing ok?

OH, mystery vs G.O.O.D love was awesome! I totally love the dance for BEAST's song.
It's like spin,spin and stuff. Gawd, I know I'm talking crap. Just watch
G.O's hair is longer :D love it!♥
And at the end of the show, where 2PM won the mutizen again ;)
taec was wearing the cutest paw ever singing "bo beep" HAHA
and soo hyun! omg he's such a dork xD damn it I love him!!

oh hell, here's the vid to let explain the hell I'm saying

Sorry I haven't found the url for MBLAQ's performance. I guess it got deleted.
Youtube is so so cruel sometimes!-____-

OK,I'll sleep now because Baby here is sleeping and she's making me sleepy lol


Tuesday, December 8

Roger, out

Won't be updating for a while.
Also, I won't be on msn & all those stuff.
Too busy nowadays. Try to reach me on my cell :)

Corby MV is loveeeee

Saturday, December 5

When Cold Tears Turn To Hot Blood

Hey! It's been a while, I know.

The thing is, my pc broke down and left the world bringing my hothot pics, pokemon games, cs down with it. And it's still broke. Freaky thing. I wanna like, just punch it's big monitor PERGHHH. The laptops are nicely being use. My dad is so stingy cause this is like, the first time I use in 3 days *sigh

My granny is in the hospital. KPJ Ipoh I might add. We just went there yesterday and will be going again on wednesday. Ipoh ain't that bad. With all the bishies going around, I may go to Ipoh Jaya Jusco more often ;)
OH, I also met 2 of my long-lost cuzzies at ze hospital. and also my uncle & untie. Goshh I MISS THEM!!!
They've changed :') Seems like going to an international school in arab is a good thing.LOL

But for what ever it's worth; YES, I am pretty down. The world is now upside down and it's making me feel like I'm dying or something. Vair vair upset for pfft everything!
The only thing that's making me smile right now is Troy's ahmazing smile in HSM 3
Which btw just premiered on Disney just now. HHA, I can't believe I spent 2 hours watching that-.-""

also CORBY!!! I forgot about that. Like, we went to Tropicana city mall today and I grabbed a corby brochure from samsung. and OHMGAHH it's cheap!!
Only RM699? totally under my expectations. And it's uberly cute too! and and 2PM is endorsing it in korea.
Dang I WANT IT! Even if it means making a hole in my already hole-much wallet. Just watch the MV teaser. I'm thinking about getting the yellow one :)

wooyoung is LOVE! :D Chansung too! KYAAAA!!! *fangirl squel

On the other side, I've a lot of kpop news but I have no time to write about all of it since my papa is waiting for the presence of this laptop on the table downstairs -___-

I wish for a christmas miracle if this has to carry on.

if you're reading this, HAPPY SWEET 15th SYAZA MUNIRAH :)

Tuesday, December 1

It's lovestruck, Gorg

I just came back from a vair, vair tiring day at the mall with Atiqah. I had lunch with my dad before that at a new sushi joint call Tokyo G. Great food and even greater prices. I mean, thank god I didn't pay HAHA.

Met Tiqa at the entrance & started walking. Well, you know. AND OMG. Double OMG. Maybe even OMG time millions when an unexpected thunder striked me. Because after coming down from the elevator, I saw this cute little dessert stand right beside the shop we were planinng to go into, the face shop. "OK" I said
"We're totally gonna go there & get some ice-cream or something"

Closer, closer we got to the stand. The closer I see this dude. This dude has this very familiar hair cut from the back view. I should know because I've always love that haircut. Layered, nicely cut and always gatsby commercial-like. Finally, we reached the store. It took forever seeing I have my eyes on the back of someone's head. As I thought. When I saw his face, looking down at the ice-cream he was putting for the customers in front of him, it strucked me.
I KNOW THIS DUDE! aha, yea. It's my ex-dude. I seriously tried not to make eye contact with him the whole time we were in the store.

Freaking out, I told Tiqa. She was like "OMG, where??" with that
'I-soo-wanna-kill-him-look'. She was suprised when she saw him. She said "Ohh that's him" . I was like "yeahh.." still,very much freaking out. Gawdd, my heart was even racing. It was weird. I am so totally over him! I told myslef over & over. But, with much excitement going through my heart that very moment I forgot about all of that. The o v e r thing. I just remember that he's the dude that I know & well, know. We didn't even look twice at the stuff there. Too busy freaking effing out. PFFT. Got ready to get out as soon as there were no customers for him to serve.

Bish, great timing. I looked around while we were walking out of the shop like nothing will go worse. I looked at him with my face all blurry & again, no eye contact. It will be so awkward! He looked at us with a grin. Heh, a sexayy one that was! As we were leaving, tiqa looked back. Well, you know to get a clear look on this cutie and I asked "He's still looking at us?" Tiqa answered with a "Hemm.. yeah" We giggled & I told her how freaked out I was.
But wow. Honestly, if we are going to get back together.. We'll be a cuter couple that's for sure!
I mean, someone's been working out ;) Those collar-bones really just screamed RAWWR. With double the hotness♥
BLAH, I have no idea why I'm writing all of this in my blog. Maybe I'm still, very much freaking out I guess.
But that cannot be, can it?

Me & Tiqa took some purikura's pics. You know.. that japanese photo booth that let us deco & stuff. Tonnes of bishies & ullzangs. Like duhh it's sunway! but wat eff. Shopped, ice-cream, asian avenue times 7894535 & went home with a U63 bus after I refuse to get on a mini bus, that is. HAHA. 30 mins and we arrived across the street. and TA-DAH I'm here :D OH, we didn't have time for a movie and I'm pretty sure there's no ticket left anyway.
So Edward & Rain.. please wait!!

much love♥


It's 10.40 in the morning. Yes, I'm such a dear to be wide awake at this time. Well, I woke up pretty much earlier than you (PFFT just a guess ;P) We sent my bro to the nst thingy so yeahh. Today was the last day for him. Hoorah!

Anyway, I got back and like duhh! opened ALLKPOP to find that us MBLAQ FANS are now call "A-PLUS"
I know, it's kinda weird but hell, it's sooo cute! ain't it? maybe a bit?
The reason behind it may be because all of them have the same type of blood which is 'A' . bahaha
Gawdd, I just wish I have blood type A. Instead, I have B -.- so close, yet so far.
So we're like MBLAQ's blood now! aww.. that's like super sweet!

Haha, I remember that in art of seduction, Joon was like "You have eyes like a b dudee" and GO was like "I do?8)"
lol,they are so cute! waaaa *fangirl squels* xD
I mean, even I have no idea how B eyes look like. Joon's a genius I tell you! The hottest genius!
Other than einstein MIR la, who is also vair hot. HEEE

On the other side, my side that is. I'm going to sunway later. So I guess will be updating about that in like this week I guess rofl xP I hope there's not too many people at the movies cause I wanna watch New Moon damn it!!
like, rite now!