Thursday, November 19

You shouldn't do that

Hey yoh gahhh

I'm listening to Nadia's 'twinkiling boy' It's sooo cuteeeee!
I swear she just said 'making love' for like, the 44563799th time xO
OH, Nadia is the new band from SME not your cousin or sis or friend or yeahh :)

Let's see..
JOONIE hurted his ankle :O
and now he's in the hospital, so MBLAQ has to performed as a 4-member group till joonie fully recovers
aww.. poor sexy-hot-abs-and-omgahh-smile joon haha ;D

Haven't been going out really. yes, that's L A M E.
nvm, at least staying indoors makes me look pale and not so dark HAHA
shizz my phone just died-.-

gawd, I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss school ;(

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