Sunday, November 29

shut it

Have you ever feel like the world is just so, so cruel sometimes?
The family being exceptionally over-dramatic?
The friends leaving out of what's really important?
HAH, welcome to life. It's hell I know

I got a story~~huhuhuhu *scary ghosts noise*
OK, I said to someone that I wanna be somethingsomething when I grow up. Well, just now.. like really just now
my dad was totally not in the happiest mood (all day-.-) He was like "And you Iman, don't play around too much"
I was like O.o "Do you even know what somethingsomething means?" he replied to my blur face
Freaking hell, it started. He went on saying "This few days, found out everything you need to know if you wanna be somethingsomething. Write me an essay"
Tears were like,collected in my eyes. Really, today has been very emotional. Well, you know :P

But hell, he said "EHH see.. I say a bit only you want to cry or get mad" I smiled. It was dinner time for God's sake!
WATDAFAK rite? Now, for me to want something, is very hard. It needs to be in his wanting range.
It has to be something he knows I can do. And a freaking essay? What is up with that???
Bishh. I can't even say how stupid his idea of 'want' is. I mean, I'll do whatever it takes to get what I want.
Everything. Because I want it because I love it.
Regardless if it's a dumb idea or something that he doesn't approve of.
It's what I want. And THAT IS IT FULL STOP. Sometimes, I really envy those kids who are without parents.
Honestly. Orphanes like, Olver twist, Annie etc.
I know they lead a very very hard life but they don't have to face all of these unnecessary lectures about wanting something.
To me, if you want something GO FOR IT.

Don't look up about the hell you're getting yourself into. Just work hard and be suprise.
It's much more experience-worthy that way.
My mom ain't a big help either.
I mean, what eff. really what eff. I'll be me, and they'll be them. Them parents.
Now I fell like laughing. I fell much better. Better enough to write another post that isn't about ranting BLEKK ;)


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